Curate the Perfect Charcuterie Board With These Tips

Let’s face it…there’s no better time than quaran-time to practice how to curate the perfect charcuterie board! If you’re anything like us, you can’t resist double tapping on a gorgeous grazing table while thinking to yourself, “When will I master this art form?!” From ingredients, to overall display, we believe there is a char-CUTE-rie board to cater to everyone’s taste buds, and it’s something that everyone can learn and enjoy to impress…well, just about anyone who cares to hear about you raving about charcuterie boards. So, if you’ve been looking for a Charcuterie Board for Dummies guide, look no further! We’re here to help you with a few simple tips on how to make your board a true masterpiece.

Curate the Perfect Charcuterie Board With These Simple Tips - Inspired by This

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Bring on the layers

Secure 1-2 spots on your board for small dishes. This is where you can add your honey, jam, or creamy goat cheeses. This not only brings depth to your board, but also minimizes mess and too many flavors blending together!

Sugar, spice and everything nice

The beautiful thing about charcuterie boards is that it can cater to all of the cravings you’re having! Sweet, salty, spicy and even tangy tastings can be experienced based on what you have on your board, which is why we encourage it ALL. Fruits like, grapes and strawberries are perfect for bringing in pops of color and a burst of juice! If you’re looking for something to spread on bread or crackers honey and jams make for an ideal addition, as well.

Texture, Texture, Texture

Everything on your board will without a doubt provide it’s own flavor and look, especially your cheeses! Depending on the size of your board, choose 2-4 cheeses to include. To make things easier, choose one from each pasture-raised animal– cow, sheep and goat (vegan cheese is always the move, too)! For your harder cheeses, like Cheddar, Manchego, Blue Cheese and Parmesan, cut them up into various crumbled pieces, or in cubes. For softer, creamier cheeses such as, brie, burrata and goat cheese opt to leave them on the board along with a spreader knife, or mix it in a small dish with freshly ground black pepper or honey!

Cured meats is indeed, the cure

For those giving into their salty, and maybe even spicy cravings, here is where your meats come in! Choose 2-3 options for meat and the key is to keep them in groups. For the harder selections like pepperoni, or salami fanned out in slices is the best option and fills up the board nicely! For thinner pieces, like prosciutto, lightly folding them in half gives easy access to grab one piece at a time.

THIS is the time to be extra

Don’t be afraid to fill up the empty crevices of your charcuterie with other fun add-ons! Nuts, olives, mini pickles, figs, dates, dried fruit and berries are just a handful of bite-sized details that pair perfectly with everything going on your board.

Now that you have the tools to make your charcuterie board look like a Da Vinci painting, take it up a notch and host a quarantine at-home wine tasting with your S.O. or roomies with The Wine Party Co.!

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