5 Tips for Hosting a Big Family Gathering

Hosting a big family gathering can be stressful – we get it! From setting the table to ensuring you have enough food, there are plenty of tasks to juggle. To help you prepare for your next get together – and to make it an enjoyable process! – we talked to the team at Gather Events. These party professionals know a thing our two about making an event both beautiful and fun for everyone involved. Here are their tips to help you plan and execute your next family affair with ease.

1. Stretch out preparation! Don’t save everything for the last minute. Buy beverages a week in advance, non-perishables several days before and all of the fresh goodies can be picked up the day before or morning of! A lot of the added stress will be relieved with a plan!

2. Make the menu simple and easy! No need to go overboard in the food department. Pick up fresh pastries and fruit for a delicious breakfast bar or pre-made hearty salads for a healthy lunch. Keeping the menu contained and straight forward will be easier for all involved!


3. Have activities for the kiddos! If little ones are attending your gathering, it’s ideal to have a craft or some books to keep them busy. The parents will be so thankful for more time to socialize 😉

4. Keep timing contained! If your gathering is open-house style, with people coming and going, keep the timing short – ideally 2-3 hours. This is plenty of time and most of your guests will show up around the same time!

5. Don’t do it alone! Teamwork makes the dream work! Don’t leave all of the work for yourself. Enlist the help of your family and besties with setting up or picking up any last minute items!

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