10 Creative Ways to Celebrate Earth Day at Home

Every day is a day to be kind to the earth and appreciate the beauty around us, but with Earth Day on April 22, you can show some extra love to the earth! Earth Day 2021 marks the 51st anniversary of this holiday, and the theme this year is “Restore Our Earth.” While social distancing measures are still in place, the usual community cleanups and planting will have to take a hiatus, but that doesn’t mean nature is canceled. Here are ten creative ways you can celebrate Earth Day at home! 


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Get Gardening! —Plant a tree, plant, flower, or some fruits and veggies outside or even in your home. 


Spend time outside — Intentionally spend time outdoors to appreciate the beauty of the world! 

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Switch your bills to e-bills and online invoices — Switching your billing system to virtual can save millions of trees per year. 


Forego plastic water bottles and get a reusable one — If you haven’t heard the pleas of the previous years, get yourself a reusable water bottle and halt your plastic usage. 

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Go on a hike — Get in touch with nature and see more of the world that you otherwise could not by driving. 


Update your light bulbs to environmentally friendly options.


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“Adopt” an animal at a wildlife preserve — Many shelters and rescues need financial help to take care of the creatures. Consider supporting our little friends and help pay for their care. 


Consider supporting an environmental organization financially.


Save the Bees! Consider planting flowers that attract native bees and other pollinators into your garden. 

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Visit the Official Earth Day website to view workshops, panel discussions, and special performances to celebrate and get educated! 

Want even more creative ways to celebrate Earth Day at home? Try some of our tips from last year’s quarantined Earth Day. 

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