DIY School Supply Boxes

With your kids back in school, this DIY will help them get into the swing of things! And give you an after-school activity to do with them. Help them make super cute supply boxes to hold all the pencils/crayons/markers/stickers they need. They’ll be a savvy (and organized!) student when it comes class time! Psst.. when you’re done making this try our pumpkin dish towel DIY in time for October!

What You Need:

  • Supply box (we chose clear)
  • Washi tape
  • Glitter
  • Tacky glue
  • Sharpie pens
  • Paper plate
  • Disposable paint brush


DIY School Supply Boxes


1. To go for a gold glitter handle like we did, brush glue onto the handle and sprinkle the glitter over it (over a paper plate). Repeat this so both sides of the handle are covered in glitter.

DIY School Supply BoxesDIY School Supply Boxes

2. Once the handle is fairly dry, it’s time to make a pattern with washi tape! We lined polka dot tape in different colors horizontally & vertically around the box to make a colorful grid pattern.

DIY School Supply Boxes

3. Once you’ve taped your pattern down, personalize your box by printing your kid’s name on top of the tape with Sharpie. Better yet, let them do it! Together, you’ll have so much fun creating this spunky supply box!

DIY School Supply Boxes DIY School Supply Boxes




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