Studio Tour: “Blush Shop”

Blush may just be any girl’s wonderland/dream closet and favorite color too! This adorable pale pink painted shop in Ontario, Canada (don’t worry they have a website!!), is adorned with hotel carts, old fashioned telephones, chandeliers, and only the most fashionable finds! Whether we’re stalking them on instagram or stealing their styling tips, Blush Shop adds a little pretty to our day! Owner, Michelle Lee, tells us more about this super cute retail spot and how it inspired her!

Canadian Hotspot Blush Shop

What is Blush Shop and how did it come about?

After years of commuting and working as a Visual Director for a retail company.. I decided to start my own business. I opened Blush in 2004. A few years later we developed our website, blushshop.

Canadian Hotspot Blush Shop

We’ve been following you on Instagram for a while now and always love all of the items you’re posting!  How do you keep your social media interesting?

Instagram is amazing & little addictive for me! I find it’s such a fun way to share photos of our displays and merchandise. I try to keep our social media interesting by engaging with our followers and styling up fashion and lifestyle in keeping with our Blush brand.

Canadian Hotspot Blush Shop

What kind of brands do you carry at Blush Shop?  Is there a way to order online?

The boutique is filled with feminine pieces blended with chic basics & denim. A few of the brands we carry are Velvet, Des Petits Hauts, 10feet and Fidelity denim. We have a handpicked assortment of accessories and tops on our online shop

Canadian Hotspot Blush Shop

We couldn’t be more obsessed with how you styled the shop!  What inspired the interior design of Blush Shop and what are your favorite parts?

When designing the shop space, I knew I wanted to keep the walls the palest blush pink. I just love how the clothes pop against a light backdrop. One of my favourite parts of the boutique are the hotel carts…I think it’s such an elegant way to merchandise our pieces!

Canadian Hotspot Blush Shop

I would die to work with: There are so many people I’d love to work with…designlovefest, Tiffany Pratt, Shop Bando girls… Fun, creative girls who like sparkle!

Canadian Hotspot Blush Shop

What is it like to own your own retail business?  How do you stay motivated?

Owning a retail business is definitely not quite as glamourous as some might think.  Lots of hard work, and challenges…but it all balances out with the rewards. Plus I am fortunate I get to work with amazing people. Another perk is definitely getting first dibs on the good shoes!

Canadian Hotspot Blush Shop

Best business advice you’ve ever received: Don’t take anything personally, Trust yourself, Go with your gut feelings

Canadian Hotspot Blush Shop

Tell us about your new adventure, BOW!

BOW (blush on wheels) was launched a few years ago. It’s a renovated 1984 RV…painted pink! We think it’s a unique way to take the “Blush Experience” to our customers.

Canadian Hotspot Blush Shop

What was your design inspiration for BOW?

The design idea for BOW was to recreate the store’s interior.
Keeping with the feminine palette of soft pink, white and gold…equipped with a change room and a chandelier.

Canadian Hotspot Blush Shop

Favorite designer: Isabel Marant

If I could live anywhere it would be: Paris

Canadian Hotspot Blush Shop

Celebrity I wish I could swap closets with: Sarah Jessica Parker

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  1. I love the pastel theme she has going on in the boutique! So feminine

  2. I love this article! I was lucky enough to work beside this talented woman for 2 years and she taught me some serious business and life lessons! A true mentor.

  3. Michele is one of the loveliest women I know!!! And I love the fact I can spot something on her IG feed and she’ll ship it to me here in the Northeast, USA!!!

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