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Apr 16, 2014

DIY Pastel Ornament Cake Toppers by The Proper Pinwheel

Custom cake toppers for wedding cake are a must-have for any bride. Whether you do DIY or buy, it’s a fun and pretty detail that you’ll remember long after the big day. These glass ornaments are perfect because they can fit any color scheme you have planned!


What you need:
Clear plastic ornaments in various sizes
Acrylic paint in assorted pastel colors
Glue dots
Paper towel

Start by filling each ornament with one paint color. Squeeze a small amount of paint into the ornament, cover the opening with your thumb, and shake. Keep shaking until you are happy with the paint splatters and then place onto the paper towel to dry. Wait at least 24 hours before using to ensure the paint has set and won’t leak out.

Once the paint is dry, place the larger ornaments on the top tier of the cake. This is best to do just after the cake has been frosted. If the cake is covered with fondant, use a little white icing to adhere the ornaments to the top tier. After all the large ornaments are set, attach the smaller ornaments by placing glue dots on each (use as many as you see fit!) and stack them on top of the large ornaments. Stack as many ornaments as you like making sure to alternate the colors. Place the final ornament, step back, and admire!


Concept, design, and styling by: The Proper Pinwheel
Photography: Sally Mae Photography



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  • Ally Streelman

    How creative! I might even try this for Easter!

    • Inspired by This Blog

      That’s a great idea! Would be so cute to make the ornaments look like Easter eggs too 😉

  • Brittany Wendorff

    Looks so cute and easy to do!

    • Inspired by This Blog

      It is! You should try it!

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