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Jun 03, 2014

Hair DIY: Low Bun with Crisscross

This hairdo is so pretty and soft! We can hardly believe we can achieve it all by ourselves but this tutorial makes it easy! A low bun with face framing pieces falling down is the epitome of romance, perfect for a date, party, or even wedding! Add a little sparkle with a headband, or dress it down and make it ultra summery with one like this! You probably have everything you need right there in your bathroom drawer so give it a try! Twists, and pins, and a little bit of teasing and you’ll whip out this do in no time! Once you’ve mastered this look, try a braided updo!
1. Section off bottom portion of hair
Hair DIY: Overlapped Bun
2. Secure bottom section into ponytail
Hair DIY: Overlapped Bun
3. Tease ponytail lightly
Hair DIY: Overlapped Bun
4. Roll teased ponytail upward and secure with pins on sides
Hair DIY: Overlapped Bun
5. Section off hair at crown, tease lightly to create some volume. Twist section loosely and pin at top of rolled section
Hair DIY: Overlapped Bun
6. Split side section in half. Twist section and secure with pin on opposite side of roll
Hair DIY: Overlapped Bun
7. Repeat with twist and pin to overlap twists
Hair DIY: Overlapped Bun
8. Repeat with twist and pin
Hair DIY: Overlapped Bun
9. Twist and pin last section
Hair DIY: Overlapped Bun
10. Pin loose pieces as you like

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