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Aug 14, 2014

How to Style a Coffee Table with Studio McGee

Shea McGee from Studio McGee knows a thing or two about designed pretty amazing spaces, so we obviously heed her expert advise when wondering how to style a coffee table! Sometimes it seems silly to think the thing we rest our feet or glasses on should be decorated but its all too true that the chicest of chic homes have the coolest looking coffee tables.. all do to the trinkets and books (a must!) adorning them! So naturally we follow suit, because this is the easiest and most inexpensive way to make your living room a stand out space!

Here are Shea’s styling tips (she makes it sound so easy!):

How to Style a Coffee Table

When styling a coffee table, I always start with several stacks of books. Books provide a great foundation for layering, and they also add color, interest and show insight into your hobbies and personality.

How to Style a Coffee Table

Next, I add a tray, bowl or both — they are perfect for corralling sunglasses, coasters and remotes while still managing to look chic.

How to Style a Coffee Table

Whether it is a rock, plant, antler, or piece of coral from a souvenir shop, add a natural element for texture.

How to Style a Coffee Table

Layer in the bits and baubles. Place interesting items on top of, or next to, your books. Magnifying glasses, candles, matchbooks, and paperweights are a few of my go-to items.

How to Style a Coffee Table

You cannot go wrong with fresh flowers. Ever!

How to Style a Coffee Table How to Style a Coffee Table
  • Afzia Shareef – Event Planner

    Thanks for the tips! Very beautiful!

  • Fabiola Magdaleno

    Great tips! The flowers on the center of the table look very nice!

  • Austen

    Definitely trying these out 🙂 But first, I need all those cute things!

    • Go thrifting! You can find some amazing things for coffee tables at flea markets and even craigslist!

  • Cassie

    Where can I get all of those books!? I need!

  • Lizzie Smith

    Where can i get the gold lantern style light fixture in the kitchen in the first picture? need to know!!

  • Luci

    Oh my gosh, first thing I’m doing when I get home is working on my coffee table!

  • Do you know where the couch in the first 3 photos is from?

  • Allie

    Where is the rug and the blue pillows in the first picture from? Beautiful!

    • Allie

      The floral pillows are also beautiful

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