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Mar 13, 2014

DIY Cocktail Napkins

Do you ever get tired of having to buy new cocktail napkins every time you throw a party!?  Or maybe you’re the coaster police and you haven’t quite found any that vibe with your quirky and trendy style.  Well you’re in luck!  Lauren from A Fabulous Fete has created this super cute and easy DIY cocktail napkin that all of your guests will swoon over!  With it’s cute little tassels and mix and match fabrics, these would be perfect for any home, party, or even as a fun housewarming gift!


2 patterned fabrics (1/4 yard of each) 100% cotton works best

1/4 yard of fusible lining (made to use with iron to adhere)

tassels (found mine in the home decor section at the craft store)


E6000 glue


binder clips

2. Start by cutting 7×7 squares from each fabric (this will create 6×6 finished cocktail napkins)

3. Make a 1″ border around the edges with a ruler on the back side of the fabric. This 6×6 inner circle will be your guide for pressing the edges in and creating a clean finish hem.

4. From each corner (still on the back side) measure out 1.75″ on the edge and mark that measurement. Once you have made all of those measurement marks (2 on each edge) connect them across the corners. Cut on this line chopping off the corner pieces. This will reduce the bulk when you fold the edges in creating the finished hem.

5. With a hot iron, press each edge into the 1″ border you created earlier.

6. With the iron again, fold on the 1″ border and press folding the unfinished edge inside and hiding it.

7. Cut a square of your fusible lining slightly smaller than 6×6 and drop this in underneath the hems, press to attach (follow instructions provided with lining on attaching).

8. Now, it’s time to finish everything off! First, place a dot of glue inside each corner and place the strings on your tassels in that, then make a line of glue on the underside of the hem edges you created earlier by pressing. Fold down all edges and secure each corner with a binder clip. Press the hems flat with your fingers making sure you’ve placed enough glue in between the edges. Wait 1 to 2 hours or until glue is dry, snip of the ends of the loops on the tassels and you are done!


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