Wedding Traditions with Francis Ford Coppola Wine

With the holidays quickly approaching, we’ve definitely got family traditions on the brain!  Whether that be the food at a dinner party, the activities you attend together, or the silly songs you sing around the fire, we’re all about them!  Some of our favorite moments of a wedding are traditional as well!  They pull at your heart strings, cause you to tear up, and appreciate the sacredness of that very moment.  One of those moments are the speeches…we know, we know.  Some people hate them, some people love them!  But you have to admit that this tradition is a special one, allowing some of the bride and grooms closest people in their lives the opportunity to pass on their congratulations.  And what would a congratulatory toast be without wine!?  The Votre Santé wine collection from Francis Ford Coppola is a family tradition in itself, inspired by Francis’ grandmother and her long standing toast, “A votre Santé” – to your health.  With a Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and a Red Blend called Chateau Red, there is a variety for every occasion!  We know we’ll be doing lots of pairings this season between family get-togethers, bridal showers, and girl’s nights so we’re excited to be starting some traditions of our own with these delicious wines!

Francis Ford Coppola - Wedding BlogFrancis Ford Coppola - Wedding Blog

So whether you’re celebrating a holiday together for the hundredth time or welcoming a new member to the family at a wedding, cheers with a glass of your favorite Votre Santé wine and say “à votre santé”!


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  1. I love Francis Ford Coppola wine!! Didn’t realize they had a new line! Will definitely have to check it out.

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