Inspired by “I Heart you!” Sharing your hearts at your Wedding

The symbol of the heart has been around for centuries, and for a good part of that time, has been a symbol for love.  In the past decade I’m sure we have all heard tweens and adults alike say that they heart someone or something. The weddings and e-sessions below all incorporate that perfect symmetry we have come to know….and to love. I think the hearts add a bit of romantic playfulness to each of the different usages and enjoy how they add a pop of color, as most are seen in the traditional red. I know that a red construction paper heart still transports me back to elementary school valentine’s day classroom parties and racing home to read all the notes from my classmates. Why wouldn’t you want that exciting feeling involved in your wedding events?

Photo By Erin Hearts Court

Photo by Sarah Yates

Photos by Belathee, Found on Once Wed

Photos by Stephanie Williams

Photos by Jose Villa

Photos by He and She

Photos found on Martha Stewart

Photo by Our Labor of Love

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  1. In my opinion hearts always belong at weddings! It’s so neat to see the different ways to incorporate them!

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