Inspired by Tiny Water Photography

Today I show my love for San Francisco Wedding Photographer Tiny Water Photography. Made up of husband and wife team Caroline and Daniel they shoot light and airy photos that have a very angelic vintage feel to them. I just love their philosophy for life and work: “We believe that wedding photography is an art form and we believe in being ourselves! We also believe you should be yourselves during your big day. Why the hell not? Why would you want to copy something out of a magazine? Showcase your personalities and have a blast at it!” Those are great words to live by! When asked what inspires them they said, “Sky, trees, color, sunlight, design, people and life, laughter, pretty little things, paper, secret smiles, mornings, snuggly dogs, whimsical music, fonts, dogs noses, Cat whiskers, water, and a twinkle in somebody’s eye” I just had to have them for my San Francisco bridal shower and I’m so happy with the results! You can see a sneak peak of the shower below! You can also follow them on twitter!

Sneak Peak of my bridal shower! Designs by Nancy Lui Chin. (love her!)

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