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We’ve gotten so much amazing feedback and love on our “Inspired By” wedding inspiration posts (like mix and match bridesmaid dresses, fireplaces, ribbons) that we’ve decided to let YOU choose the next topic we blog about! Leave a comment below about what inspires you and we’ll pick our top three and put together an inspiration post for each. Whoever’s post ends up with the most comments will receive a goodie bag filled with prizes from:

The Wedding Chicks Shop

Cupcakes Couture

a box of cute & custom stationery by Custom Programs AND a pair of  earrings! How amazing is that?! We are looking forward to being inspired by you!

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  2. Have you talked already about planning weddings overseas? My fiancée and I live in San Diego and are planning the religious ceremony and reception to take place in Colombia. It has been an amazing experience of utilizing skype, google documents, Blackberry Chat and email like crazy!!

  3. How about some wedding party gift inspiration? Or I would be inspired by reception party or cocktail (time) game ideas, like boccia ball or horseshoes, etc.?

  4. I would LOVE to see an “inspired by wedding accessories” post. There are so many varieties of great acessories for the modern bride (sashes, hair adornments, jewelry, funky shoes etc.) that can be incorporated into any bride/wedding style. I’d love to see your inspirations.

  5. I would LOVE to see weddings “inspired by sentimental children’s books/ movies” – like fairy tales, mother goose, the movie UP, the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. That would be really cool.

  6. Inspired by fruit – peaches, apples, melons… I feel like I’ve been seeing a lot of it used in weddings lately!

  7. RT @weddingPR: Want to win amazing goods from @WeddingChicks @CupcakesMB & @CustomPrograms?! Give us your “inspired by…” ideas! http:/ …

  8. As an event planner, bridal accessories designer and now bride, I can NEVER get enough ideas for inexpensive details that pack a dramatic punch. Which finishing touches bring on the most bang for your buck?

  9. I would love to see a post on SHORT wedding dresses. Those things are actually harder to find that some may think! I’m all about them and would love to see a nice collection of them on your blog.

  10. RT @weddingPR: Want to win amazing goods from @WeddingChicks @CupcakesMB & @CustomPrograms?! Give us your “inspired by…” ideas! http:/ …

  11. Small town weddings! As someone planning a wedding in a small town, it’s INCREDIBLY hard to actually use some of the amazing and inspiring ideas because you just don’t have the resources. Maybe it’s just this small town gal, but nothing seems more special than a wedding inspired by the places that mean the most to you!

  12. So many weddings these days involve either the bride’s or the groom’s children and are really about the forming of a new family. (Including my upcoming wedding.) I would love to see ideas to inspire bride’s to plan something special to honor those kids and make them feel special and involved.

  13. Leila, you do SUCH a phenomenal job already! I would love to see an Inspired By: Family post! I would love to know what the etiquette is for including siblings/cousins in all things wedding related!

  14. I know there are destination wedding posts, but I’d love to see how to do a budget one…or at least fun ideas

  15. I love all the ‘real wedding’ articles. I think a fun article would be to show fun, unique shots/poses from different weddings. I’d love to be able to send something to my photographer and show him specific shots I want.

  16. inspired by: POTTERY BARN!! id love that. everyone is doing the anthropology thing but i think a pottery barn wedding would be gorgeous!

  17. I would love to see some inspired by POLKA DOTS, especially white on black, they are timeless and fun!

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