Inspired by You Contest! Entry #3 Weddings Inspired By Vintage Photographs

Today is the final entry in our series of Inspired by You contest posts! Remember, the person with the most comments within the week of their post wins big prizes from Cupcakes Couture, Custom Programs, and Wedding Chicks!

So far we’ve been inspired by libraries, reception games and today our inspiration comes from Kristen who is inspired by vintage photographs used in weddings. I love details that incorporates heirlooms and ancestry, and I had a lot of vintage photos of my husband and my family included in my wedding decor! Anything that celebrates the past as you head into the future with your partner for life is a must have in my book!


Photo by Aaron Delesie

Photo by Yvonne Wong

Photo by Jessamyn Harris

Photo by Kyle Hale

Photo by JoieLala

Photo by Jessica Watson

Photo by Cineart Photography

Photo by Blink Photography

Photo by Ashley Rose

Photo by Allyson Magda

Photo by Gabriel Ryan

44 responses to “Inspired by You Contest! Entry #3 Weddings Inspired By Vintage Photographs

  1. i absolutely LOVE vintage photos! as a kid, my favorite thing to do was look through all my grandparent’s old photos…even now as an adult when i visit grandma i pull out all the old albums!

  2. I personally I’m not into vintage… however after seeing these adorable pictures I may have just changed my mind. I love your blog Leila… keep up the good work xxx

  3. such a beautiful tribute to the love that nurtured and “raised” the new bride and groom.

  4. this is a great concept because it celebrates love from the past that happened to occur in a very romantic, chic era. it just gives the wedding a classic feeling.

  5. I think this is a brillaint Idea, The picture looks great, I wish I thought of it for my wedding.

  6. I am loving this neo-vintage trend happening in the wedding world. I too am not really into the vintage look, but the old-school photos and frames really bring a new dimension to the wedding and make it more family focused.

  7. This is a beautiful idea, is a good departure from the personal touches that are usually incorporated into weddings.

  8. Hello everyone,

    WOW! What a fantastic idea. It’s so fresh and original. I really like old photos and I put tons of them in my own wedding. My third wedding. The first two had no amazing, vintage photos, and we know how that ended.

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