Inspired by These Summer Strawberry Weddings!

I don’t know about you guys, but when I think about summer I think about strawberries! They are possibly the yummiest thing to eat at the peak of the season, and they also make the best light summery desserts. Strawberries are also wonderful in weddings and photoshoots, they add a nice pop of red and a sweetness. There is even a summer strawberry wedding venue called Strawberry Farms! Just a word of warning to all you strawberry lovers out there: they stain! Don’t streak your beautiful dress!


Photos by Erin Hearts Court

Photos by Simply Bloom

Found on I Love Lollipops

Photos by Robert Evans Studio

Found on Martha Stewart

Photo by Love Ala

Found on Snippet and Ink

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  1. Love it! We are doing a berry theme for our wedding next year, I will absolutely use some of those ideas! Thanks for sharing!

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