Inspired by These Rainy Day Weddings: Love Under Umbrellas

In light of the rain we have been finally experiencing in southern California I thought I would share some pictures with one of my favorite props: Umbrellas. If you didn’t see the beautiful rainy day weddings featured on Green Wedding Shoes last week, click here to go gaga over grey skies and a bride in wellies! Stay warm and dry 🙂

221Photo by Romine Weddings

Bride with Red umbrellaPhoto by Annie X

bandaman008Photo by Our Labor of Love

Bride and Groom with rose umbrellaPhoto by Annie X

Bride and Groom with pink umbrellaPhoto by Susan Stripling

ajblog006Photo by Amelia Lyon

004IMG_0423meganjustin_rebeccaPhoto by Millie Holloman

shanika12Photo by Orange Girl

0287_062609Photo by Lori O’Toole

airstream-weddings1Photo by Steven Meyers, found on Once Wed

1101Wedding planned by In Any Event Photography by  Jen Kroll

Lisa RigbyPhoto by Lisa Rigby

BraedonPhotography_7424-682x1024Photo by Braedon Photography


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  1. i love these! we were worried about rain for our wedding yesterday, so i had my couple super excited about photo possibilities and we were ready with colorful and fun polka dot umbrellas….but we ended up having a beautiful day, so we didn’t need them. but because of their positive outlook & fun umbrella action…rain or shine, it was going to be beautiful!

  2. I’m in no means hoping for rain on my wedding day but I do love these shots and I had posted an amazing rain wedding in Costa Rica last month that was amazing and made for some steamy pictures!

  3. makes me feel better about possibly having a rainy day for my January wedding…. these images are so amazing.

  4. So fun to see all the other rainy day ideas. I love the different colored, vintage umbrellas! Thanks for posting one of my photos Leila!!

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