Inspired by This Apple Wedding Decor

As of today, Fall is officially here! It is by far my favorite season – bring on the coats, boots, fireplaces and the warm comforting smells that fall brings. Nothing screams Fall like apples and more apples! I love going to a local orchard and picking apples, and now that I’m in domestic mode, I see a lot of apple pie, apple sauce and spiced cider in my future! Take a look at some of the fun apple wedding decor and ideas we have for your big day!

Photo by Anna Kuperberg

Photo by Tanja Lippert

Photo by Jen Kroll

Photo by Simply Bloom

Photos by Elizabeth Messina

Found on Lalalaurie’s Etsy Shop

Photo by Yan Photo

Found on Snippet and Ink

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  1. For my wedding, half of my tables had green apples and the others had flowers. It looked beautiful and people loved the different tables arrangements. I also used green peas that looked like little green apples for my seating cards

  2. So excited fall is here!! Definitely looking forward to all the fall wedding inspirations. Apples are a great way to start!

  3. Ah I love all the various smells and colors of fall, especially the smell of apples. Love the photo of the couple in the apple orchard. What a wonderful place to have a fall wedding.

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