Inspired by These Beautiful Bouquet Handles

The bridal bouquet is sometimes one of my favorite floral elements of a wedding. I especially enjoy when the loveliness doesn’t stop where the stems start, I love when a floral designer utilizes the stems as another place to tie in all of the beautiful design elements. Wrapped and adorned bouquet handles can make such a big impact. Its another place to also add in more of the brides personality. One of my dear friend’s bouquet had her grandfather’s fraternity rings and a locket wrapped into the handle to make it more special. In my opinion most anything a bride and groom can do to make the day reflect more of them in it is a good thing and I wish that more brides would utilize their bouquets as a platform for that added charm and intimacy.


Photo by Stephanie Williams, bouquet by JL Designs for Utterly Engaged


Bouquet by Flowerwild found on The Bride’s Cafe


Photo by Anna Kuperberg Found on The Ritzy Bee


Photo by Martha Stewart


Bouquet by Trisha Haner


Photo by InStyle


Photo by Karen Hill


Photo by Duke Images


Photo found on Vintage Glam Weddings


Photographed by Stephanie Williams, bouquet by JL Designs For Utterly Engaged

Boquet Handles

Boquet Handles-1

Images by Martha Stewart


Photo by Sweet Monday


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  1. I love this concept. A close friend of mine had a family rosary, which her mother and grandmother carried in their weddings, wrapped into the ribbon on her bouquet handle. I thought it was a lovely idea to tie in a traditional, religious element with the bouquet.

  2. We often use the fabric, lace, and tulle leftover from a client’s dress alterations to adorn the stems/handle of their bridal bouquet. It not only ensures a perfect color and fabric match, but it also adds a personalized element to the bouquet.

    Another idea we suggest to our clients is the inclusion of a photo locket placed in the bridal bouquet’s bow/streamers. This is a great way to honor deceased loved ones and include their memory throughout the wedding.

  3. I absolutely love this concept! I have broach picked out that was my grandmas to include in my bouquet. My aunt has it displayed on a pillow and I remind her every time I go to her house not to get rid of it.

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