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Unless you have been living under a rock you will be familiar with the famed Eva Longoria of ABC’s Desperate Housewives, and Academy nominated actress Selma Hayek (Freida, Fools Rush In, Desperado, and an executive producer for Ugly Betty). If you follow them even remotely you’ll know that both were recently married, however, what you may not know is that the seriously stunning wedding photos for both were captured by our client Bob Davis of Bob and Dawn Davis Photography. With that preface, I’d like to introduce you to this fabulous duo.


Bob Davis is the founder and lead photographer and his wife Dawn Davis is the creative director and graphic designer. Together they have two adorable children, and have settled in the greater Chicago area. With years of photography experience working with the likes of Oprah, Time Magazine, the Chicago Sun-Times, as well as numerous weddings, their portfolio is strong, riveting and diverse.

What impresses me most about Bob and Dawn is that they possess modesty unlike any I have ever seen! They have photographed some of the world’s most renowned celebrities, have worked with the likes of Oprah, inspire and educate others with their photography workshops, and work with every day couples capturing their big day; yet show no signs of having an ego, let alone an inflated one. They reserve a passion for everything they do, approaching every shoot with motivation and inspiration. They are grateful for every opportunity that has come their way, and not only are they talented but they have hearts of gold. Planners if you don’t know them… get to know them! Follow Bob and Dawn on Twitter.

Don’t you love some of these fabulous magazines where their work has been featured?


When asked what inspired them, Dawn wrote, “We believe in the laws of attraction, giving positive energy to the world and living our life with great passion. We rely heavily on our faith to guide us exactly where we need to be. We are inspired by the everyday moments that we’re privileged to capture. We draw our strength and salvation from our home and our family and we’re reminded daily by our children to live as though heaven is on earth.”

Here are some beautiful samples of their work….

eva-and-real-for-blog1Please note that the photos of Eva and Tony MAY NOT be copied or re-published for any reason. They are the property of ©Bob and Dawn Davis photography.

Davis Love Story Workshop

Davis Love Story Workshop

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  1. Beautiful work! And I know it’s so refreshing to work with people that are kind and humble. They can let their work do the bragging for them- a rarity these days!

  2. Hi Leila,

    Bob and I are so honored to be featured on your blog. We’re even more honored to work with you. I know this is going to be an explosive year for you and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish. We believe in you!

    Thanks again for all your sweet words. Enjoy your trip to the East coast. And travel safe.

    All our best,

    ~ Dawn & Bob

  3. We love them! So generous and inspiring…so personable, approachable and friendly. They are professional but you dont get that ego. Down to earth and loveable…. <3

  4. Always nice to see Bob and Dawn get recognized for their talents. I have had the pleasure of attending one of Bobs workshops and I look forward to attending many more as well as seeing Dawn teach her graphic design techniques.

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