A Creative Photo Book Idea Your Kids Will Love

As our kids grow up, we love watching them create memories and find new favorite things. From the experiences they enjoy, to the passions they develop. Between all of the things they love such as dance parties, sleepovers, and family hikes, traveling has become the most recent favorite. It is so fun to see our travels from their point of view, from the plane rides to the new places. We just want to bottle up these moments and save them for later! Thankfully, we sort of can! Mixbook helped us create an adventure photo album so we can keepsake these memories to look back on for years to come. If you’re looking for a creative photo book idea that your kids will love too, their newest collection with Oh! Joy couldn’t be more perfect.

Creative Photo Book Idea, Mixbook

My daughter has been on so many trips with me, between work and vacation, and has definitely caught the travel bug, so I chose the book that I thought would encompass all of our adventures together. The Travel photo journal by Oh! Joy was perfectly on-theme and had everything we wanted. I ordered a landscape format in an 8×6 size. Mixbook also offers square and portrait formats with sizes up to 12×12. It’s totally customizable, so we were able to not only add all of our photos, but also stickers and effects to personalize it even more. You can also choose from dozens of fonts, or skip text all together. This isn’t the type of album with stale formats and unexciting font or color options. Whatever you want to add or remove is up to you so you have complete creative control! Personally, we love everything Oh! Joy creates, so we didn’t make any major edits to the travel photo journal we chose. It was already adorable.

But beyond just their books’ good looks, Mixbook uses only the highest-quality, heavy-weight papers. The materials are ethically sourced from sustainable forests and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance. Now, that’s a product we can get behind.

Creative Photo Book Idea, Mixbook Creative Photo Book Idea, Mixbook Creative Photo Book Idea, Mixbook  Creative Photo Book Idea, Mixbook

The photo book was so easy to create and when it showed up on the doorstep I were thrilled to see how well it turned out. It’s super well made, but the best part is that my kids love it. They were so excited at the big reveal and now ask to look through it almost every day. Now, instead of scrolling through my camera roll to pull up photos from months or even years ago, we can easily look through all our favorite photos from past trips. We have so much fun talking about the memories we share from all of the travels inside and talking about where we will go to nest. I love that it keeps those special experiences fresh in their minds and continues to inspire a thirst for adventure. I hope that this photo book continues to ignite a love for the world and desire to see more of it.

Currently, the kids are planning trips to NYC, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada and have invited me to go with them! 🙂

Creative Photo Book Idea, Mixbook Creative Photo Book Idea, Mixbook Creative Photo Book Idea, Mixbook Creative Photo Book Idea, Mixbook

The Oh Joy! for Mixbook collection features 4 other photo book themes too, so you can select one specifically for your own travels, favorite summer days, a school yearbook and more. The themes are so cute, and like we said, totally customizable (different sizes and different paper types too!) so you can tailor each one to just what you’re looking for. Now, we want to create one for each kid’s school years as a fun end-of-school gift that they can reflect on and see how they have grown. We are excited that the kids have photo books that are all their own, but that they love to share, and that we love too.

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