A Modern Nursery in Shades of Rust & Green

Cute nurseries make for the happiest babies, right? OK, OK, we know it’s about much more than that, but a peaceful, beautiful room to lay their head down in couldn’t hurt right? We mean, we think we would be happier in one of these incredible nurseries too! Today, we get to tour the modern nursery of sweet baby Sloane, and we’ll be the first to say it, she looks pretty happy here. The baby’s room is a bit boho, a bit modern minimalist, and a bit vintage thanks to a rad rug that inspired the color scheme. Plus, with a bit of DIY nursery decor and a few Amazon finds (like a macrame swing!), you’ll feel inspired to bring some of it into your own home or baby’s room! Read on for the mama’s story about the modern nursery and hear her rave about little Sloane as you pause and gawk at all the pretty pictures of her!

modern nursery modern nursery

Once we found out we were pregnant, my mind was already focused on creating her nursery space. I love anything design/décor related so I was excited to get started! We knew we wanted a more modern nursery for our baby girl, Sloane. We also wanted a design that would be easy to transition through toddlerhood, etc. I stumbled upon this rug while scrolling through Instagram and thought it was perfect. The rust and green accents were too good and the rest of the nursery came together from there. We pulled those colors through a few accents (curtains, bedding, plants) and everything else we kept very neutral. The macramé chair was a must as well. Such a steal on Amazon!

A lot of the décor pieces we already had so it was easy to put together the shelf décor. As far as DIY, my husband made the shelves (super easy project!). Sloane is now 6 weeks old and we have been loving parenthood. It’s everything they said it would be and more! We love spending time in her nursery. You’ll often catch us swinging her in the macramé chair, reading her a book. I hope she loves it one day as much as we do.

modern nursery modern nursery

CribMacrame SwingRugCrib Bedding 

modern nursery modern nursery modern nursery modern nurserymodern nursery

DresserMirror CurtainsHatch Changing PadHatch Sound Machine 

modern nursery modern nursery modern nurserymodern nurserymodern nursery


modern nursery   modern nurserymodern nursery

Is she not the cutest!?!

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