10 Baby Brands that Give Back

When it comes to purchasing anything for your precious little ones, it is reasonable to expect top-notch quality. But these products are not only good and safe for your baby, but also good for the world. Their global impact is, if not monumental, life-changing. We can assure you these baby brands that give back all deliver on quality and concept! With a focus on creating change, and improving our society, what isn’t there to love? Plus, their products are so darn cute! Scroll on to explore the sweetest “give back” oriented businesses, you and your babe will adore.

1. Send Ribbon: This online gift shop gives back to charities and non-profits through cute keepsake canvas gift bags. So, not only are you providing a sweet gift for someone, but that gift is reaching far beyond the recipient. Each ribbon is tied to a unique cause, such as this Bundle of Joy bag, which benefits Operation Shower who provides baby showers for military families. How cool is that?!

2. Rose & Rex: This baby boutique features a curated selection of give-back toys designed with creativity and intention. Their motto, “play-it-forward” says it all! From partnering with brands like Cheengoo who supports artisans from Nepal, Latvia and China to sponsoring Second Chance Toys, who rescues, refurbishes and donates plastic toys to children in need, every toy has a purpose, and thus, so does every purchase. We love these “Catch The Cloud” stacking blocks and these hand-crocheted, eco-friendly veggie rattles but their wide selection offers something for everyone!

3. Happy Blankie: For every blanket purchased, Happy Blankie gives away a blanket. The idea came from a seven-year-old boy, David Holdridge, who told his parents that he wanted to combine stuffed animals and blankets to “make the world smile”. How could you not love an organization that started with such a humble beginning?!

4. ABBY&FINN: This baby care brand recently entered the scene to bring better, more convenient, flexible, and affordable diapers to the market. But there’s more reason to love them! The diaper subscription gives back by donating a box to families in need of diapers (the Finn in their name refers to Families INeed). And, of course, they’re eco-friendly and toxin-free.

5. Cuddle and Kind: The adorable family behind this company is on a mission to provide one million meals in one year to children in need. So, with every doll purchased there are 10 meals donated. Time to get shopping!

6. Company Kids: This online shop gives back to more than just one organization. With every comforter that is purchased the Company Store gives one to a homeless child. Our favorite children’s comforter collection is Furry Friends Percale!

7. Pacha Soap: When you are buying from Pacha you are directly supporting economic development and creating livelihood globally. In addition, the company donates clean water for every bar of soap purchased! Plus how cute is this Bubbles the Whales bar Soap? How could you not love it?!

8. Little Sapling Toys: We are huge fans of all wood products, but we certainly do not love the negative impact on the environment. When you buy from Sapling Toys, you can rest easy knowing that a tree will be planted for all the wood used to make your children’s toys! How cute are these Age Blocks that can double as a photo opp?

9. Toms Shoes: Famous for their buy a pair, give a pair of shoes motto, TOMS is a great company to shop at because all of their products give back! We are obsessed with these Orange Felt Fox Face Tiny Crib Alpargatas! Round up matching pairs for the whole fam!

10. The Honest Company: With a company that bases all of their products around the idea of being honest, you know that they are going to great giveback efforts as well! The brand does many things to give back to the community, but our personal favorite is that for every diaper they sell they give one away!

Where are your favorite places to shop for baby?

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