The perfect breakfast in bed recipe

If you ask us for a brunch restaurant recommendation, we’ve got you covered. However, if we had our weekend (hey or weekday) breakfast pick we would not travel far from home at all. Breakfast in bed. Those mornings of not caring if the coffee spills a little or the egg is a little too runny. What matters is that the comfort can’t be beaten. Breakfast in bed seems like it is only saved for those special occasions: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. While it could be exactly what mom is looking for this year, we admire a nice breakfast in bed any time of year. For the days when restaurants weren’t accessible or pick up was the only option, we needed to bring a little luxury into our lives. It gives us a perfect excuse to not only practice our skills in the kitchen but also bring together all of the elements of our dream breakfast. We’ve picked and chosen our essential components for a perfect breakfast in bed. From using all or maybe just a few, these will brighten anyone’s morning.


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Baked Goods

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What is best about each of these breakfast additions is that they can be adjusted. Gluten-free pancakes? Coffee with oak milk instead of whole? If someone has specific diet restrictions, they can still have an amazing breakfast in bed experience. We feel like a little bit of everything is the way to have a very well-rounded morning. If there has ever been a time to love your living space, this may be a great opportunity to make it feel even more like home. If you are looking for small ways to impact someone’s day, this could be a pick me up. It shows care and comfort in a way that lets you even stay in bed.