Fun Fourth of July Recipes to Make this Weekend

When it comes to the Fourth of July, festive food is a MUST! We love a good BBQ – especially when it comes with a colorful cocktail or refreshing dessert. These Fourth of July recipes – dishes, drinks, and desserts will make your American celebration a home run – and assure all your guests are properly quenched and fed :).


Charred chile lime corn?! Yes, please! This recipe was made for a BBQ and will be the perfect side to complement your Fourth of July celebrations.

How yummy does this salad look? Nothing says the Fourth of July like watermelon and this salad from Cooking with Cocktail Rings takes it up a notch and makes it meal-worthy!

A fourth of July themed charcuterie board, yes please!! You know we love anything with cheese and crackers, so we will take any chance we can get to make a themed charcuterie board. Yum!


Fittingly enough, this red, white and blue wine spritzer was re-named wine *sparkler* for the Fourth of July. Sip it while watching the Fireworks show for a truly sparkling evening.

The Fourth of July is the perfect time to try out infusing water if you haven’t before! This Strawberry Mint Infused water is crisp and just a tad sweet. Plus, it fits the color scheme perfectly.


Refreshing, delicious, and guilt-free, this Strawberry Gelato is the perfect dessert to dive into poolside.

Another delightfully refreshing dessert? These Strawberry Coconut Milk Pops from Jennie Miremadi! An icy popsicle couldn’t be more perfect for this holiday – we’ll be eating them all day!

Let us know in the comments if you loved these fourth of july recipes just as much as we did!

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