Chocolate Almond Butter Cups Recipe

Whether it’s Halloween or National Chocolate Day (today!), peanut butter cups are our candy of choice! Well, we know nom’ing on Reese’s isn’t exactly a recipe for good health. Thankfully, nutritionist Jennie Miremadi offers an alternative with these chocolate almond butter cups. She swaps out the not-so-healthy ingredients for better-for-you oils, sugars and vegan dark chocolate. This way, we can indulge in more than one with a little more peace of mind ;).

Chocolate Almond Butter Cups Recipe - Inspired by This

Ingredients (Makes 8-10 cups)

4 oz. unsweetened, vegan dark chocolate, broken into pieces
2 tbsp. coconut oil
1/2 cup almond butter
Maple syrup and/or stevia to taste
Pinch of sea salt
Mini paper cups


1. Melt chocolate, coconut oil, and sweetener(s) of choice to taste in double boiler over low heat, whisking continuously until melted and combined.

2. Taste chocolate mixture and adjust sweetener(s) based on preference.

3. Remove from stove and let cool slightly.

4. In a separate bowl, combine almond butter, sweetener(s) of choice, and salt.  Taste and adjust sweetener(s) as desired.

5. Pour chocolate mixture into mini paper cups, filling each paper cup just 1/4 of the way up. Put paper cups in freezer and freeze to set, about 2-3 minutes.

6. Once chocolate mixture is frozen, remove cups from freezer use a large melon baller to scoop out a heaping spoonful of almond butter mixture and place on top of frozen chocolate.

7. Cover almond butter with chocolate mixture and fill to just below the top of the paper cup.

8. Place in freezer for 10-15 minutes or until set.

9. Serve and enjoy!

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