5 Ways To Stay Connected With Your Team While Working Remote

No matter what industry you work in, if you are not an essential worker then you probably have had to learn how to work from home in the past couple of months. We know all too well how difficult it can be to stay connected with your team while working remote. But, not to worry we are here to help with the top 5 tips of how to stay connected with your team.

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.01 – Keep the spirits up!

For Slack users, or any team using a form of instant messaging to stay in contact, start a lighthearted thread strictly for sharing non-work related news from funny memes, to positive news to keep the smiles coming!

.02 – Try an office fitness challenge!

Have employees submit their workouts via a Slack channel or group text, and keep track of everyone’s points. At the end of the month, the person with the most points wins a prize! We love doing these challenges as a way to stay connected and stay motivated to work out from home.

.03 – Tell me something good!

Start a slack chain geared towards sharing good news. We have named ours “tell me something good” and use that moto as the framework for our office culture. Because, yes office culture still exists even if you are not psychically in the office.

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.04 – Have regular weekly Zoom/Facetime meetings!

Even if they’re only for half an hour, having some face-to-face time with your coworkers will help things feel a little more normal and gives you back a little of the interaction you’re used to having when you’re all in the office together.

.05 – Keep a Slack or text chain open to motivate each other!

From podcasts we’re loving to #relatable memes, our team is always sending each other fun things we find that we know our coworkers would love! For us, our “Tell Me Something Good” Slack channel is the perfect place to share encouraging emails from clients, exciting news on a project, or just something to make each other smile! Having a consistent way to connect with your coworkers beyond just an email chain about a specific project will keep everyone feeling motivated.

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