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Nov 01, 2010

Inspired by The Farmers Market for Weddings!

One of my favorite things to do since I got married is go down to the local farmer’s market and pick up fresh produce and flowers for my home. It’s so refreshing to have naturally grown ingredients to feed your family. We were recently sent over a photo shoot shot by Bryan Miller Weddings with bouquets by Rae Florae featuring the farmers market for weddings. They were very inspired by the rich colors at the farmer’s market and took pictures with the bouquets next to complementary fruits and vegetables! I LOVE it!!!

Photos by Bryan Miller Weddings and Bouquets by Rae Florae

More Farmers Market Inspiration:

Found on Postcards and Pretties

Photo by Robert Evans Studio

Photo by Terra Dawn Photography

  • Kayla

    Gorgeous!! I love the farmer’s market too!

  • Sandy

    I LOVE those wooden buckets filled with flowers! Very market-esque

  • What a fun feature! I loved photographing a bouquet this year that included Kale in it! How neat!

  • Mel

    Beautiful bouquets!!

  • Gorgeous and full colors with the hand tied bouquet flowers, the wooden buckets and the baby blue delivery truck with the fresh made wooden signs! Antique clocks and jars and knick-knacks.

    “Everything was just bursting with color!

    Nameste…<3 <3 <3

  • GORGEOUS!!!!

  • Taye S.

    SO bright and bold and beautiful. what talent!! so inspired 🙂

  • Callie P.

    love all this inspiration!

  • Love the vibrant colors in this post! Those bouquets are stunning…

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