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Nov 30, 2014

Beach Bonfire Proposal

A few things we learned from this beach bonfire proposal on our wedding blog today? Hug Point, Oregon is beautiful (and what a name?!).. and no one can tell of “how he asked” in more goose-bump-raising words than the bride-to-be! A proposal with so much thought and meaning behind it always jerks at our tear glands and this one is no exception. With an ocean view and the most amazing stars overhead, it must have been truly magical. Listen to the adorable Emily, the giddy one who was proposed to on this cliff, reflect on this special day and tell their engagement story like only she can:


It was bluebird conditions at the Oregon Coast last weekend; not a single cloud in the sky. The sun was radiant and danced across the ocean as the light breeze playfully whipped my hair into tangles. Jeff and I had hoped to make it to the beach one last day before the summer sun set for good, so Jeff decided to make it memorable.

He re-purposed a wooden box that he had given me with “supplies” on our very first date 10 months ago and had more surprises for Saturday’s date which he promised would not disappoint. I was impressed by his carefully tied and color-coordinated ribbon, and carried the box with me all day as he challenged me to guess what might be inside.

We played in the water, jogged along the shoreline, flew a kite and sunbathed. It was my first time flying a kite and we had so much fun being kids again. We grabbed some amazing brewery pizza before heading to hug point to watch the sunset; the place where marriage had first entered our conversations and dreaming 5 months prior.

We sat and enjoyed a vibrant sunset before Jeff let me open the box and peek at what was inside. Upon my surprise, large marshmallows spilled out as I opened the lid expectantly. I was actually quite thrilled at the prospect of having one last summer roast, and to my excitement Jeff chimed in with, “we are indeed going to have a bonfire, but the special thing is that both our families will be joining us in about 15minutes because of what is under the marshmallows.”

I had no doubt at that moment of what was underneath and my racing heart was keenly aware of what was about to happen as well. As I plunged my hands into the bed of mallows, there it was … a box. I stared in disbelief at the man that was about to change my world and relationship status forever. This well spoken man barely got out his rehearsed words of affection because of nerves taking over and neither of us remember exactly what was said. He asked me to stand so that he could have the honor of getting on one knee, and there on a cliff overlooking the golden ocean he asked me to be his forever.

My photo-taking, super-star of a sister, Bethany of Bethany Small Photography was there to capture our intimate exchanges, the excitement the joy and the surprise of the moment from her post behind the bushes, and as Jeff lead me down the path to the bonfire, I realized that we had every single family member present. Parents from Portland and Silverton; siblings from Beaverton, Seattle and Indonesia. After hugs and excitement and introductions being made between new in-laws, I realized that all of my dearest friends from near and far were trickling in!

We sat around the fire for hours dreaming, encouraging one another, sipping wine and savoring s’mores, gazing at the incredible star-filled sky, and admiring the ring that gives those night sparklers a run for their money.

I can’t wait to take the plunge and commit to spending the rest of my days in partnership with Jeff Hartley; the man who listens intently, pursues God at all costs and who has lavished my heart with Love.

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