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Aug 12, 2014

Breaking the Fashion Rules with The Chic Burrow

Honestly, we’ve been wearing white whenever we feel like it but we still let out a small sigh of relief when the gals of The Chic Burrow told us we could throw the rule “no white after Labor Day” out the window. Phew! Watching Haley and Leslie break all the rules (and look so good doing so!) is helping us face our fashion fears, I mean, who came up with these fashion laws anyway?


As you grow up and into your sense of self and style, there are a few ‘rules’ you learn along the way. It is easy to recall being scolded for breaking the below rules when we were both younger but, my dear friends, those days are gone. See below for some of our favorite ways to say ‘there are no rules in fashion’.


White After Labor Day

Do you remember your mother saying, “don’t wear those white pants, it is past Labor Day” or ”white on white is against the rules”? Why does Labor Day have to be the cut off? We both think white is a flattering color that should be worn year round! Hello winter whites! Try mixing off whites with whites for some contrast or add a bright color pop with white jeans.

Breaking the Fashion RulesBreaking the Fashion Rules

White Blouse (similar),

Breaking the Fashion Rules  Breaking the Fashion Rules


Brown and Black 

If we had a nickle for every time we were told to change out of our brown shoes when wearing black we would be rich! Another rule we think should be broken because, let’s be honest, these two colors look great together. Avoid wearing really dark browns with blacks so it is obvious you are trying to mix the two.

Breaking the Fashion Rules

Lace Dress (similar), Skirt (similar)

Breaking the Fashion Rules Breaking the Fashion Rules


Print on Print

This is one of our favorites and probably one of the more difficult rules to break. It took us both a few trys mixing and matching before we found two prints that ‘fit’. Try using stripes as your base print and then adding a floral or striped top. Two loud prints can sometimes be overwhelming so it is best to find one that is a little more basic and then add to it.

Breaking the Fashion Rules

Striped short, Striped Tee

Breaking the Fashion Rules Breaking the Fashion RulesBreaking the Fashion Rules

Floral Skirt (similar), Kate Spade handbag (similar)



  • Kayla

    Phew! Thanks for sharing! Now I know I’m not crazy 😉

  • Fabiola Magdaleno

    Rules are meant to be broken 🙂 These styles are great! I love the brown & black

  • Dana

    These girls can do no wrong!

  • Lover_ly

    So chic! I love the white on white look with that turquoise clutch!

  • Cammie

    i wear brown and black every day – it’s my fave combo! Didn’t even know I was breaking a fashion rule hah

    • Right!? Apparently we’ve been guilty of this one for a long time too 😉 Glad it’s an okay rule to break!

  • Chelsea

    Love this post and am completely on board with all of your “rule breaking!”

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