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Jun 21, 2017

7 Summer Salads to Rotate This Season

As the summer days brighten, up our salads tend to also! If you’re looking for some inspiration on the perfect dish to bring to your next picnic at the park or backyard barbecue, you have come to the right place! From traditional spinach salads to perfectly sweet fruit salads, here are 7 summer salads you’ll actually want to eat 😉

1. Cucumber Quinoa Salad

Something a little different and full of flavor, this cucumber quinoa salad might just become a weekly occurrence for us. The added protein from the quinoa will keep you full and happy until your next meal! Not to mention – you can prep the quinoa ahead of time to make this a no cook go-to!

Recipe via Gimme Some Oven

2. Heirloom Chicken Tomato Toss

Combine tomatoes and avocados and we are in! Perfect for a warm evening meal, serve this salad with fresh baked bread out of the oven for a satisfying meal that every member of the family will love!

Recipe via My Recipes

3. Chickpea Avocado and Feta Salad

More often than not, summer means turning the oven off and whipping up our meals as quick as possible. This salad is one of the tastiest yet easiest salads we’ve ever made and will take you no longer than 5 minutes to throw together – promise!

Recipe via Homegrown & Healthy

4. Rotisserie Chicken and Vegetable Salad

A great pick when cutting carbs and sugar, this rotisserie chicken and veggie salad is packed with all the right nutrients. There’s even a make-your-own dressing recipe that we always like to prep ahead and keep in the fridge for our salads all week long!

Recipe via Inspired by This

5. Watermelon and Basil Salad

4 ingredients and 10 minutes – yes please! Both strawberries and watermelon are in season during the summer (extra juicy yumminess) which means you can head to your local farmer’s market and pick up all four of your ingredients for a super reasonable price! Win win.

Recipe via Watch What U Eat

6. Black Bean and Mango Salad

Add this quick black bean and mango salad to your next Mexican themed BBQ rotation and you will soon be the favorite person there! It’s vegan, packed with protein, and beyond easy to whip up. What more could you ask for?

Recipe via Popsugar

7. Beet and Goat Cheese Salad

This salad is fully loaded and is great when you are looking for something a bit different than the traditional lettuce fare! We’re big fans of goat cheese but when you combine it with avocado, pistachios, and mandarin oranges it is pure perfection! We even like to add grilled shrimp on top for a complete meal.

Recipe via Yummy Healthy Easy

What is your favorite summer salad go-to?

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