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Jul 31, 2017

5 Homemade Ice Cream Recipes You Have to Try

A nice cold treat is essential for surviving hot and humid days no matter where you live, and you don’t always have to take a trip to an ice-cream shop to get your fix! Whether you like the creamy, chocolatey scoops or you aim for more of a lighter, fruity treat, these homemade ice cream recipes will have you breaking out your ice cream maker or blender stat.

Blueberry Lemon Zest Ice Cream

Recipe via My Recipes

There’s only two words for this combination: rich and creamy. We love blueberry flavor in general, but the lemon zest gives it that extra zing we can’t resist. Once you’ve had a bite of this bright and flavorful ice cream, you may find that it’s too good to limit yourself to just one scoop!

Nutella Banana Ice Cream

Recipe via Crumb

You didn’t think we were going to leave nutella out of this list, did you? Combined with banana, this ice cream is straight from our dreams. The best part is, it only has 4 ingredients!

Refreshing Strawberry Gelato

Recipe via Pamela Salzman for Inspired By This

For a recipe that’s on the lighter side, this fresh strawberry treat is exactly what you’re looking for. Extra bonus? Strawberries are in season at all the farmer’s markets during the summer so you may not even need extra sugar!

Coffee Liqueur Cookies-and-Cream Ice Cream

Recipe via My Recipes

Remember our favorite childhood treat – cookies and milk? Fast forward 10 years and this is our favorite take on it! We don’t know about you, but finding an after dinner treat when entertaining can sometimes be a difficult task. This recipe will be your new go-to. We can assure you it’s a crowd pleaser!

Toasted Coconut Banana Ice Cream

Recipe via Kleinworth & Co

No dairy, no problem! This vegan version is just as delicious as ice cream without the need for added sugar or a complicated ice cream maker — try it for the first time and you will be swapping out your usual ice cream for this more often than you think!

Which one will you be whipping up post dinner?

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    Trying all of these!!!!!

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    Mmm they all sounds amazing!

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  • Lauren

    I need to try all of these recipes!!!

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    Yesss to nutella!

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