20 Things Our Team Is Thankful For This Year

It is always a good time to reflect on the positives in one’s life. After the trials and triumphs that have come with the past few years, this Thanksgiving feels a little more special than usual. We appreciate the big things and everything in between. Our team is thankful for for so much this holiday season that is it hard to put into words, but we’re going to try! As we grow in this season, we acknowledge that a new year does not have to mean leaving the past behind. 2021 gave us opportunities that we will never forget. Moving forward, we embrace change while recognizing the important things that remain steady. There are far more than 20 things to be thankful for, but we will start there with a compiled collection from the team!

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This Year Our Team is Thankful….

1. For The Flexibility To Work Remotely From Home

I am so thankful to have a job that I love & can do anywhere— especially as someone who has the travel bug, it’s so wonderful to know that I have the freedom to travel while still being able to get my work done!

2. For My Family’s Health

My family has been so blessed to be able to stay healthy during the crazy roller coaster of the past two years! I am thankful every day that I have not had to worry about them amongst the rest of life’s obstacles.

3. For My Community At Home

I’m so lucky to know that I have a team of people who are always in my corner supporting me whenever I need it! Being able to fall back onto others when needed is something to never take for granted.

4. For My Boyfriend

To feel loved & cared for while being pushed to be the best version of myself— what a blessing!

5. For Having Two Jobs That I Love

I’m able to use my creativity and strengths in both of my roles while being able to be 100% myself. I love creating and working with people and feel grateful to have the opportunity to do that daily.

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6. For The Sun

Sometimes nothing feels better than the sunshine on your skin. I love living in sunny San Diego where I can get outside any time of the year.

7. For Spending Time With Friends

Sometimes nothing is more therapeutic than getting together with a snack board and some wine with my girlfriends. These are the times that help me recharge, and I cherish these memories the most!

8. For My Health

In many years this one might have not been a specific mention in my Thanksgiving “what I’m thankful for” list, but I think we can all agree that this is one that should never be taken for granted!

9. For The Ability to Travel Again

My heart has been overjoyed at the opportunity to get to travel again to see friends and family in both old places and new!

10. For Life Seemingly Returning Back To Normal

 I’ve really missed little outings with friends, traveling, going to concerts, etc. The Pandemic has made me even more grateful for all of those things / grateful for human interaction (life gets lonely working from home sometimes).

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11. For Basic Life Necessities

To me, this includes food, water, medicine, a nice place to live, a job/income. Back story: I’ve had some family and friends who were severely impacted by the pandemic. My boyfriend’s family is in Lebanon, and they’re having an economic crisis/don’t have access to a lot of basic necessities that they need, so I’m grateful everyday to live somewhere safe that also has access to the things I need to live.

12. For My Amazing Team Members

I know so many people who do not have supportive/collaborative work environments, so I’m really grateful that I work with a women-lead team!

13. For The Ability To Embrace Change

Each year brings with it new challenges and changes. I have tried to embrace those as they come rather than dreading their arrival. It has shown me that I get to decide how I handle the big things that life throws. I have control over the way I respond.

14. For The Beautiful Outdoors

Being suck in the house can mean a little lack of nature. However, it does make my appreciation of the outdoors that much greater. As a result, I find myself using my free time to get out and experience it.

15. For New Hobbies

There is always something new to get into, and that in itself is amazing. Consequently, I have found myself trying to become a chef and reader all in the same year. For example, new recipes are everywhere and looking to be made. There are also always books to find that I would have never heard of if I had not started looking.

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16. For My Dog

There is just something unbeatable about curling up with a dog after work, or any time of day. So, I could not go this Thanksgiving season without giving my dog some admiration. I don’t have to say a thing for her to be with me after a long day.

17. For New Music Introductions

It may seem like a small thing to have new music introduced. However, a lot of my creative process comes from listening to music, so I am always thankful for a new artist (or old…looking at you Taylor Swift).

18. For Implementing Self-Care Habits

In the past, I never appreciated how much simple changes can impact a whole day. As a result, implementing small things like rest time and even new skincare routines. There’s no way to give 100% to others if you don’t start giving it to yourself too.

19. For The Opportunity To Learn New Things

Moreover, one thing about our field of work is that there is always more to learn. Taking the chance to let the new things in makes the job that much more exciting. Platforms are changing all the time, and new knowledge is always a click away. It keeps things exciting!

20. For The Future In 2022

A new year can seem daunting. However, I am so thankful for the chance to see what 2022 will bring for everyone around me. Thinking of what my life looked like a year ago makes me thankful for my current self and where I could be when I look back in another year.

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Sure, 2021 brought its own challenges, but without the valleys we would never be able to recognize the peaks. As you read through the variety of things our team is thankful for this year, we hope you find some things within yourself as well. Go into the holiday season excited about what is in store and proud of what you have already accomplished. There is something to be said for progress. Give thanks, be merry and celebrate with those who make you feel as amazing as you are. Happy Thanksgiving from our team to yours!