Romantic Orange Grove Proposal

Ok. Prepare to be swooned because this one is straight out of a romance novel. Gentlemen, take note. And ladies, sorry to break it to you, but this guy is officially off the market.

On a brisk and airy afternoon, in a not so far away land set between the purply-pink mountainsides of Ojai (CA), Cole, the love-drunk and hopeless-romantic set the stage for the most beautiful propsal we’ve seen. Cole planned to propose to his lovely other half (Kellene) on her parents generations-old orange grove. Amidst the perfect rows of citrus trees, and atop a patch of green field grass, was a beautiful display of all things near and dear to Cole & Kellene. A vintage record player was set up so they’d be able to pass away the afternoon doing something they love, slow-dancing to their favorite vintage vinyls. A set of their polaroid photographs were dispersed upon a wood palet table, including the first photo they had ever taken together. Along with these photos was vintage typewriter that Cole had used to type letters to his love while he was away working in Montana. Their hand-typed love letters that they had written back and forth to each other were delicately wrapped in twine, and his Montana wax sealer, set aside with some of their old vintage books. Fresh picked flowers and oranges from the grove were dappled here and there, adding a splash of color and “home feelings” to the vintage mix. And of course, the celebratory factor; Ginger Beer and Pendleton Whiskey sitting on ice in a tin tub.

Very impressive, right? No, Cole didn’t have a planner, stylist, or designer to help pull this all together. He’s just that good! He even thought to involve a proposal photographer to capture his very special delivery of words in this Ojai orange grove.

So I Gina, their photographer, climbed a tree, and Ryan hid afar to document this love story. Out they came, and Kellene was so happy and surprised! And as planned, the two slow-danced, Cole dropped a knee and proposed, (she said yes!), they took polaroid photos with each other, and poured themselves a celebratory whiskey-ginger. It was so beautiful!

Congrats Cole & Kellene!


Photography: Gina and Ryan


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