12 Unconventional Date Night Ideas

We don’t know about you but we are totally into creating unique date night experiences and 2019 has proven to be filled with new and fun ideas! Yeah, dinner and a movie are still fine from time to time, but there are so many cool options out there to try, which is why we are listing some out for you to try on your next date night and switch it up. Whether it’s a date night with your hubby/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, or a date with someone you met on an app, give one of these unconventional date night ideas a try and get ready to make some new memories!

12 Unconventional Date Night Ideas

1. LOL at a Comedy Show

So we figure most people enjoy comedy…because if you don’t you are basically saying you don’t enjoy laughing and that should be a red flag in itself. Comedy shows are an inexpensive and lighthearted date night that is always so much fun! Even if the comics aren’t that funny, you are still making memories together that you can laugh about down the road. This is also a great way to see if your sense of humor’s match up if you laugh at the same things 😉 Secret compatibility test? We think yes.

12 Unconventional Date Night Ideas
Photo by @howhanseesit via Rooftop Cinema Club

2. Rooftop Movie Night

A spin on a boring night at the movies. We recently had the pleasure of checking out the Rooftop Cinema Club in Los Angeles and it was SO much fun and the cutest date spot! The great thing about this was that you can go with a date or your girlfriends (like us). They had a full bar, bottomless popcorn, games like connect four & Jenga, and of course yummy candy treats (just like in a real movie theater). Everyone is given blankets and headphones prior to the movie starting since it is outdoors. It was absolute perfection watching the sunset and enjoying a classic rom-com. *Note some seasons and places might not offer this depending on the weather.

12 Unconventional Date Night Ideas

3. Hit Up a Local Brewery

Breweries are popping up on every corner and we are here for it. Even if you aren’t the biggest beer fan, it is cool to expand your horizons and try all of the different types! Also, take advantage of the fun “lawn games” such as cornhole or giant Jenga that might be available at the brewery if you’re lucky. To mix it up, choose a beer for your date to try and have them choose one for you to try!

4. Go on a Progressive Dinner

Haven’t heard of a progressive dinner yet? Let us elaborate! This isn’t just your ordinary dinner date, this is where you have a different meal course at a different place. For example, you get drinks at one place, you then proceed to get an appetizer at a different restaurant, then head to another restaurant for your main course, and end at your last location for dessert! This turns into a mini adventure and is definitely more exciting than just grabbing dinner together. Make sure you bring someone along that you won’t mind having 4 or so courses with 🙂

12 Unconventional Date Night Ideas
Photo via @jrodgers11

5. Bird Around Town

Most of you have been on or at least heard of the Bird scooters by now. If you live in a town or near one that has these fun electric scooters available, we highly recommend taking them out for a spin and riding around town! They are honestly so much fun and you can show off your skills and challenge your date to a race to be playful. Use them as transportation and ride them to a fun lounge to grab drinks (just make sure not to drink and scooter!).

6. Escape Room

If you are a thrill-seeker then this is the date idea for you. Escape rooms are one of the latest trends. Might not be ideal for a first date, but definitely fun for down the road! You are essentially given a mission or challenge. You have a limited amount of time to complete a series of puzzles, clues, and show your problem-solving skills. Definitely an exciting, live-action date!

12 Unconventional Date Night Ideas

7. Painting & Wine Class

Unleash your inner Picasso while enjoying a nice glass of Merlot. This is such a fun concept because even if you aren’t that artistic, you can follow along with the teacher and paint something that surprises you. And did we mention you will be having even more fun because there is wine involved? Take your masterpieces home with you at the end of the night and every time you look at it you will be reminded of the fun memories you had creating them. Also, such a good way to unwind after a busy week!

12 Unconventional Date Night Ideas
Image via @indieefox

8. Visit an Animal Shelter

Go to a local animal shelter and play with some of the animals they have on-site. Some shelters even allow you to help walk some of the dogs. OR if you are feeling extra spontaneous, adopt one of the cutie animals and take it home with you! It might be hard to leave or say goodbye when it is time to go so if you are prone to crying, this might not be the date for you.

9. Trivia Night

Looking for something fun to do during the week? Most bars/breweries offer trivia nights on weekdays! This is a fun and inexpensive date or group idea. We love how competitive this activity turns out to be and one of the most fun parts is choosing a clever team name! If you watch Jeopardy on the regular, this might be your chance to put your knowledge to the test.

10. Find a Speakeasy Bar

Speakeasies are all about the moody atmosphere, upscale drinks, and exclusivity. Most speakeasies have obscure entrances which make the experience even more fun! Just make sure to do your research before because some of them require special instructions, reservations, or passwords prior to arrival.

12 Unconventional Date Night Ideas
Photo via @amberfillerup

11. Try a Cooking Class

We know cooking classes don’t seem super unconventional, but you would be surprised at how many couples have actually never taken a cooking class together before! Find a place cooking your favorite cuisine to learn or try something you normally wouldn’t to spice things up (literally). With the expert guide of a professional chef, you’ll do much more than simply enjoy a meal together.  Such a great activity to try and you can actually bring your knowledge and leftovers home with you so it’s a win/win!

12. Get Boozy With a Cocktail Making Class

We love a good cocktail, but we truly didn’t know all of the key details that go into making a delicious libation. Thankfully Greenbar Distillery helped us out and boy did we learn a lot! Not only did we learn about liquor to liqueur ratios, but we were able to tap into our creative side and have some boozy fun. This is the perfect night out with your S.O if you are looking to add “barchitect” or “spirit guide” to your resumes.

12 Unconventional Date Night Ideas

What are some of your favorite unconventional date night ideas? Be sure to check out these 6 cute date ideas, and 5 super fun winter date ideas!

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