Pantry Staples To Have On Hand for Easy Entertaining

We love having friends over for impromptu get togethers, be it a game night, backyard BBQ, or a bottle of wine and The Bachelorette ;). However, when we send out a last minute text or get a call from a BFF an hour before, we aren’t always prepared. So, we recruited event planner and entertaining expert Gina, of Gina Wade Creative, to share a few pantry staples to have on hand for easy entertaining on our lifestyle blog today. Stock up on these items so you will always be ready for a fun evening with friends

Gina says, When it comes to planning an event, sometimes it can take days, weeks or months to pick and organize every little detail. But occasionally, you will find yourself in a last-minute situation which requires you to entertain on the fly. Here are just a few entertaining staples that you should have in your kitchen & panty. They will ensure that you are “guest ready” at a moment’s notice.

1. Platters: Always have 2-3 platters on hand that you can quickly set out and use for entertaining.

2. A Chilled Bottle of White Wine & a Bottle of Red: It’s always nice to offer your guests a choice of wine. Make sure you have a bottle of each on hand and ready.

3. Frozen Hors d’Oeuvres: I always have a box of treats in my freezer that I can pop into the oven at a moment’s notice. Because they are frozen, they last much longer than things in my fridge that can go bad fast.

4. Fancy Glassware & a Pitcher: Even if you can only offer your guests iced water, it’s always nicer to present in a lovely pitcher with upscale glassware. Sometimes, a nicer presentation is all you need to take it up a notch!

5. Flowers or a Sprig Garnish: In a pinch, head into your own backyard to find a little garnish for the food you are offering. If flowers are in bloom, cut a few fresh stems and put them in a bud vase. If you only have greenery, pluck a few sprigs and use them for a garnish on your platters. It only takes 5 minutes and will add that little extra something to your display.

6. Candies: It’s always lovely to have something sweet for your guests. Just keep a bag of pre-wrapped candies in your pantry. Pop them open and serve them in a bowl. Voila!

By keeping just a few things on hand, you will be prepared and poised for any last-minute event or guest “pop in” that might come your way. It’s as easy as that!

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