Green Smoothie from Be Well by Kelly

We always look to Kelly Leveque from Be Well when it comes to health tips!  She’s full of info and always has awesome recipes to try out!  Today she is sharing her Green Smoothie recipe with us, perfect for those on the go or those guilty of skipping breakfasts.  But we’ll let the expert fill you in on all the benefits!

Green Smoothie from Be Well by Kelly

Many of us are out the door and on the go without a proper breakfast. We pound coffee on an empty stomach and ride our caffeine high until it eventually crashes down all over us late morning. Starving and dehydrated by lunch, any attempt to keep it healthy or stick to our new years resolutions go out the window. We over order and over eat; launch ourselves into a food coma and eventually find ourselves needing another caffeine fix or worse yet the office candy jar to make it through the day. The caffeine and glucose roller coaster continues through the evening keeping us up late and interrupting the cleansing rem sleep we need to look and feel great.

Breaking the cycle may seem hard, however, simply starting your day with fat and protein is proven to help you eat less throughout the day and help you feel balanced and calm. So put that juicer away and unpack your blender; this protein and fat packed smoothie will keep your blood sugar stable and help you stick to your beWELL resolutions without deprivation. Not to mention, smoothies are a great way to add hydration, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and greens to your diet easily and on the go. Adding fiber, will feed your healthy gut flora (good bacteria) and help your body eliminate toxins easily, while the polyunsaturated fat and omega 3 fatty acids will help keep your skin glowing and your cells hydrated.


1 Scoop Protein Powder

1 Scoop Raw Fiber Powder

1 heaping handful Kale (or spinach)

1/2 cup green apple

2 tbsp avocado

2 cups unsweetened carrageenan free almond milk

1 tbsp chia seeds


Green Smoothie from Be Well by Kelly

1. Blend all the ingredients except ice in a blender until smooth.

2. Add ice and blend to cool.

*If you own a powerful blender such as a ninja or vitamix feel free to blend everything together at once.

Green Smoothie from Be Well by Kelly Green Smoothie from Be Well by Kelly Green Smoothie from Be Well by Kelly Green Smoothie from Be Well by Kelly Green Smoothie from Be Well by Kelly

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  1. Breakfast smoothies are essential for me lately- love this combination!

    PS: I’d love to know where she found that adorable straw!

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