Our tips for staying on track from 9 to 5

Let’s face it – we all get into a summer slump. It’s hard to stay focused and motivated in the office when it’s 80 degrees and sunny outside. This perfect beach weather inspired our team to collect our best tips for staying on track throughout the workday. Whether it’s in the morning or afternoon, sometimes we need a little time management refresher to prioritize tasks and get ourselves organized. Ready to start? Scroll down to read our tips for maximum efficiency from 9 to 5!

1. Get to the office early to set up your aesthetic

Before you get going, make yourself comfortable and set your space up for success. Put everything you need on your desk so you have it on hand and can stay in the zone. Have your coffee, tea or morning beverage of choice ready to drink, along with water and healthy snacks to keep yourself hydrated and alert throughout the day. It’s also important to keep things in your area that spark joy. Photos of friends, family, inspo pics, pretty planners, or plants are good to have in your eye line to make you feel at home at work.

2. Be ready to work at the time you’re supposed to work

By getting settled in early, you are then ready to roll and won’t waste valuable time. If you are the type who takes a little to get focused in the morning, arriving early will ensure that you give yourself the time you need, without getting behind or feeling frazzled, rushed, or stressed.

3. Look at your calendar, then start a to-do list every morning

View everything for the month then make a list of daily tasks that need to be completed. We often think of all the things we have to do but forget about them throughout the day, so getting them out of a mental space and into a written space as they come to mind helps visualize a list that we cannot see by just thinking about them. Once out of your head, your list may be shorter than you expected which will help ease stress by realizing all of the tasks you have at hand are achievable. Your list may also be longer and can reduce anxiety by crossing out every task once it is done, as well as give you motivation to get them done. Our team loves using a task manager to assign, check off, and stay on track to make sure things get done when they are supposed to.

4. Prioritize the list

Organize the list from urgent tasks to non time sensitive tasks to make sure that the important things are taken care of first and foremost and keep priorities straight.

5. Take mini breaks

Ease your eyes and your mind with little moments of relief. Staring at a computer for long amounts of time will cause headaches and slow your momentum, so it’s important to find sparks of joy throughout the day. Whether that is stretching, having a snack, calling your mom or BFF, or scrolling through the gram, we all deserve a break.

6. Complete tasks first, then answer emails

It’s hard to leave emails unanswered, but once we start responding to them, it’s even harder stop and get back to other projects we have to do. By completing other responsibilities before, you can then dedicate the rest of your time to answering emails without stressing about projects or falling behind on them.

7. Get a change of scenery

Along with staring at a computer for too long, sitting in the same space for extended amounts of time makes it easy to get distracted or feel tired. It’s amazing what moving into a new workspace will do for your headspace. Going from your desk to a conference room, coffee shop, sitting outside, or going for a walk is a great way to refresh your brain and relieve some of the tension in your body and mind. This one might be one of our favorite ways of staying on track!

8. Set aside time to do smaller parts of a bigger task

If you have a large project, break it up between days so it’s not a big item that needs to be completed in one day. Assign individual tasks to yourself each day so you are still completing the project on time, while staying on track with your other daily assignments.

9. Review to-do list/calendar at the end of the day

Update to-do list every night to reflect on what you did that day and what you could do better tomorrow to set clear intentions of what needs to be done, and what you can achieve the next day. This will help you sleep better knowing what lies ahead when you wake up in the morning and will put you in a more positive mindset.

10. Clean up your desktop before you close your computer

When the clock strikes 5, or whenever you are done for the day, make sure to organize your computer before shutting it off. Close tabs, exit apps, arrange the files on your desktop, and empty trash so your computer isn’t a cluttered mess. By doing it every day, you avoid doing one frustrating and time-consuming cleanup.

Feeling like staying on track is no problem, now?! Yep, we thought so. What else have you found to be an effective way to stay focused during a busy season at work? Let us know in the comments below!

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