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Jun 05, 2017

Glam Pink & Blue Baby shower

Get ready, this isn’t your typical backyard baby shower on our baby blog today. (Don’t get us wrong, we love those too!). But this one’s totally fabulous, just like the mama-to-be! The glam pink and blue baby shower took place in The Broadmoor ballroom, so you can probably already picture the extravagance. Cobalt blue tapered candles, giant pink peonies, and personalized cakes line the long table. But that’s not all… the table was set with a bold floral linen that’s statement making yet not overpowering, and a hot pink lucite top that takes it to new levels! If that weren’t enough, the ballroom’s chandeliers make it all even more photo worthy.

Photographer Rachel Havel shares, Planning and styling a baby shower for a mother whose natural style is girly glam can be a challenge to incorporate when she is having a baby boy. Yet, that’s exactly what these hostesses created, along with the help of Grace & Gather Events.

The inspiration came from a pink, reflective acrylic swatch that Grace & Gather Events stumbled upon, while planning a wedding for another client. It’s pink and glamorous qualities mirrored the mother-to-be’s style perfectly. When paired with a floral linen from La Tavola Linen, the vision started to become a reality.

To honor the new baby boy, accents of deep blue were used throughout the decor. House of Yonder’s blue goblets and Newberry Brother’s blue tapers with gold holders were combined with pops of blue-purple floral to to tie it all together.

The Broadmoor’s Main Ballroom with hues of blue in the ceiling, gold-gilded mirrors, crystal chandeliers, and hardwood floors, proved to be the perfect space for the event. Personalized mini cakes from Sugar Plum Cake Shoppe’s lined the table as they doubled as the guest’s delicious place-cards. Served alongside injectable doughnut holes to appeal to the mother’s sweet tooth.

Everything came to gather so beautifully to create the perfect feminine inspired baby shower to celebrate the life of a new baby boy.

  • Haley

    The prettiest!

  • Amanda

    So cute

  • Haley

    Love the minin cakes

  • Mattie

    Love that floral linen!

  • Jacqueline

    So pretty

  • Lorrie

    The unexpected pops of blue are perfect!

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