A Total Body Workout You Can Do Anywhere

With the new year, comes a new beginning, and for a lot of us new goals and resolutions. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to cleanse post-holidays and strive to be a little healthier? Tara Mackey, blogger over at The Organic Life and author of Cured by Nature, knows a thing or two about healthy lifestyle choices when it comes to both food (try these clean salmon kabobs) and fitness. So, she’s showing us a total body workout that can be done anywhere and with minimal equipment. For us, it’s an easy way to kick start an exercise regimen.

Tara says, These moves are amazing for toning, firming and sculpting your body. They’re wonderful if you have back pain or trouble exercising because they are simple and can be done at your own pace. They can also be done with or without weights and resistance, so you can accelerate your workout over time without having to modify it, just by adding weight. Best of all, they can be done in any order, because each exercise builds and focuses on a different body part (legs, chest, glutes, arms, back). Find out what feels comfortable for you and go for it!

The Confidence Cocktail
Good For: Butt toning + building. Waist shaping. Leg shaping + toning
How Many: 10 sets of 10, 2-3 times a day (you can even do this exercise while walking!)
1. Stand up straight, head hight, hands on your hips. Breathe in some confidence.
2. Hips shoulder length apart, head straight, eyes ahead.
3. Raise your leg straight, focusing on your ankle. Add ankle resistance bands for a strength boost.
4. Hold for 5-10 seconds.
5. Back to starting position
6. Repeat 10 times and switch sides.

The Sumo Sculptor
Good For: Butt tightening + toning. Chest building. Breast toning + firming.
How Many: 5 sets of 10 1-2 times a day
1. Begin with your legs shoulder length apart, weights in hand and on your ankles.
2. Activate your core.
3. Squat as though you are going to sit on a chair.
4. Hold your arms with the weights out at your sides and hold for 5-10 seconds.
5. Repeat

40 TipToes to Freedom
Good For: Core Tightening, arm toning, chest and butt sculpting, toning + firming.
How Many: 2 sets of 10, 1-2 times a day
1. Stand straight, feet shoulder length apart, arm weights in hand + resistance bands on your ankles.
2. Activate your core.
3. Stand on your tip toes while raising your weights.
4. Hold for 5-10 seconds.
5. Release and repeat.

The Arc
Good For: Arm tightening + toning. Chest and belly toning + firming
How Many: 2 sets of 10, 1-2 times a day
1. Start with your legs crossed, weight ball in hand
2. Activate your core
3. Lift your arms above your head and hold for 5-10 seconds
4. Bring your arms behind your head and hold for 5-10 seconds
5. Repeat

The Booty Bridge
Good For: Booty toning, shaping and sculpting
How Many: 3 Sets of 10, 1-2 times a day
1. Begin in a standing position, ankle weights on. Activate your core.
2. Hold one weight in each hand at your side and extend your left leg.
3. Bend at the right knee. Rise and Repeat.
4. Switch legs and repeat.

The Bombshell Builder
Good For: Core Tightening. Arm & Let Toning. Butt + Chest Toning and Firming
How Many: 3 sets of 10, 1-2 times a day
1. Engage your core on all fours with your knees bent, weight bands on your ankles
2. Activate your core and keep your back straight
3. Kick back with your left leg, keeping your back straight
4. Hold your leg straight for 5-10 seconds. Don’t forget to keep your core activated
5. Repeat on your right side

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