This One Product Will Change Your Period Forever

Ahhh, we all have been in a meeting only to start to feel that fire-burning pain start in our lower back, and just like that you are out for the week. Yes, ladies, we are chatting about your period, and specifically, the pain that so unwelcoming accompanies it every month. Did you know that one in every five women experience such severe menstrual pain they report purposefully missing work and social functions during that time of the month? Let that sink in for a moment. If you are one of those women and you are tired of using hot pads, and popping Advil’s to manage the pain then we are going to quite literally change your life, and change your period forever. Welcome, Jovi, a patch specifically designed to target where you are feeling the most pain and stop said pain. Yes, you heard that right. We had the honor to ask the Jovi team a little bit more about this product and what makes it so different from everything else on the market. So without further ado, meet your new best friend Jovi, the one product that will change your period forever!

What makes the Jovi patch different from other period pain relief products?

Jovi is different from any other period pain relief product on the market, in that it doesn’t contain wires, medication, rays, or anything being put into your body to ease your discomfort. The patch is completely non-invasive. Inside the layers of the patch, patented neuro capacitive coupling technology works like a sponge, soaking up signals from within your body before they have a chance to trigger a negative response from your brain. When the patch is placed, an array of tiny antennas absorb the bad vibes to improve overall health and wellness.

Using and wearing the patch couldn’t be more simple. Jovi is a water-resistant, 4” circular patch that is about as thin as a dollar bill. It’s flexible, durable, and discreet – you can wear it comfortably and hide it under basically any article of clothing. Consider it your own little secret to help you power through your period! 

You can geek out over the science of the patch here.

What are the biggest benefits of a single-use patch?

We wouldn’t know! Jovi isn’t a single-use patch by any means. While the included adhesives will eventually need to be replaced (if you decide to use them), the patch itself will last for years as long as you take good care of it. Jovi’s technology is “powered” by absorbing energy caused by discomfort within your body, so there’s no charging the patch or any need to change out batteries, replace wires – literally nothing. All you need is the patch and something to adhere it to your body or an article of clothing with. As long as you keep Jovi out of the washing machine, out of water for long periods of time, and free from cuts or deep scratches, it will be the best long-term relationship you’ve ever been in! 

What made you decide to start Jovi?

Jovi is a circle of women with one mission: To free the women of the world from the pain that holds us back.

You don’t have to just ‘go with the flow’ of menstrual cramps anymore. Jovi founder Suzy Holman learned of the technology through her best friend and knew the hundreds of thousands of women in her Instagram community needed its magic.

In the ultimate social (media) experiment, Suzy’s Instagram following of 150,000+ – most of the members women – provided input on their own experiences, were invited to test the pain relief patch technology firsthand and collaborated on creative components such as brand name, color schemes, packaging, pricing, and design.

In tapping into the honesty, creativity, and solidarity of hundreds of thousands of women, Jovi created a judgment zone where followers were given permission to provide honest input, working collaboratively to build a brand they could truly relate to and benefit from.

Any additional information you want to share about Jovi’s story!

Jovi’s story is proof of the power women have when we come together to share honestly and vulnerably about issues, struggles, and things that most don’t talk about. The brand’s origin story is unique, in that it was built by the women it is intended for. This isn’t just a group of dudes sitting around a conference table trying to market a pain patch to women. It’s a huge, powerful sisterhood linking arms to bring this amazing technology to the world.

Have we convinced you yet?! We are seriously so grateful for the amazing work that this incredible team has already done to eliminate period pain for women everywhere! If it happens to be that time of the month for you here are our favorite tips on how to elevate your mood in 10 simple steps!

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