7 Self-care ideas for Black Women

History is being written as we speak, and dang it’s about time, well it was time 100’s of years ago. But we won’t get into that, because that’s not our focus here today. Even though these changes are long overdue and it is exciting to see small progress it can still be extremely exhausting processing everything that is happening. So today, on the blog we are sharing 7 self-care ideas for Black women! Scroll on to read all the ideas, and let us know in the comments which one resonated most with you!

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.01 – Talk it out

Open up the floor to vent and listen to your other black friends & family. The best way to get through this is to talk through it, and most likely your friends and family will want to talk through their feelings just as much as you do.

.02 – Put your Phone Away

Put down your phone and do the work. Support your community the way you see fit whether that be by donating, attending a protest, supporting local black businesses, signing petitions, and any other way you may want to put in the work.

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.03 – Take time for yourself

Give yourself permission to have “you time”, because you deserve some quality time to pamper yourself. It’s time to take a bubble bath, put on a face mask, and just relax. Self-care can look different for everyone, you don’t need an excuse to do whatever you need to do to feel at peace.

.04 – People are not always meant to be for forever

We know, we know this may sound harsh but it’s the truth. When you get that gut feeling that you need to cut someone out of your life, listen to it, that happens for a reason. There is no room for the people that bring you down, only people that lift you up are welcome here.

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.05 – Write it out

If you can’t or don’t want to talk to friends or family then this option is for you. Start journaling your feelings and allow yourself the space to feel through any emotions. This is one of our self-care ideas that can be applied to any situation or life obstacle, there is so much power in pen and paper.

.06 – Find power in the word “No”

Saying no when you don’t want to do something can seem rude, or even like a daunting task, but please know that you do not need to do anything you don’t want to do. No excuse needed and this goes beyond this time specifically, you never need to do anything you don’t feel in the mood to do.

.07 – Put your hands to use

Get your hands busy doing something that makes you happy and feel productive. We love crafting, gardening, and organizing around the house, whatever brings you joy!

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