Vintage Anniversary Shoot with Emerald & Gold Details

There’s no shortage of color or charm in this vintage anniversary shoot. It not only celebrates a love that’s seen 11 years of marriage, but also features gorgeous gold and teal details that tie into the overall emerald palette beautifully. What’s more inspiring than that combination?! As you scroll down, you’ll see a couple that is very much in love, and a sweetheart table set up in the middle of a meadow adorned with pretty place settings just for them. You’ll also read more about their story, told and captured by Magdalena Studios.

Magdalena shares…

Conor and Alisabeth went to the same high school in Ocean City, NJ. Conor was a senior and Alisabeth a freshman. Alisabeth and her girlfriends loved to admire Conor from afar. So much so, that they would pass their yearbooks around to random students, hoping to get Conor’s signature in their book!

During Alisabeth’s senior year, she began taking a course that led to working in the community for a semester. She was assigned to work as a secretary for an attorney’s office in town that just so happened to be Conor’s father’s law office. After many awkward encounters between Alisabeth and Conor in the office, they ended up getting together outside of work a couple of years later and started dating soon after. It didn’t take long for true love to find them.

They were living in San Diego, CA when they got engaged. Young and in love, they decided to elope in San Diego at the Hotel Del Coronado. It was perfect for them at the time, simple with no stress. Since eloping, their lives have taken them through many beautiful journeys together. The most recent, brought them back to their hometown and led them to two of most important gifts of their lives—their daughters, Makenna and Stella. They just celebrated their 11th year wedding anniversary on December 2, 2017, only one month after this magical styled anniversary shoot.

Everly at Railroad’s location was nothing short of unique and majestic for this anniversary shoot, nestled next to a serene golden meadow. The vintage details all perfectly selected amongst a sea of emerald green, teal and turquoise. Amidst all of that beauty, Alisabeth and Conor’s love shone through and warmed the entire environment up with true, endearing compassion. The whole afternoon’s experiences revealed to them how rich and wonderful their lives together truly are.

After 11 years of marriage, Alisabeth and Conor’s biggest advice is to “stay present.” Savor the sweet moments, as they will get you through the sour moments. Remember to say thank you often, especially for the small things! And most importantly, keep falling in love over and over again with each other. It will keep your moments feeling as alive as Alisabeth and Conor felt at this reminder of true love, that we like to call the Everly Railroad Anniversary Shoot.

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