This Colorado Wedding Planner is Giving back by Giving away a Free Wedding

If you opened this article thinking you were going to be tricked into a marketing scheme, we are happy to report you are so wrong. Today on the blog we really are sharing more about a colorado wedding planner who is giving away a free wedding. If you scratching your head wondering (1) how is this possible? and (2) why would a wedding planner do this, let us explain. The tragic news of couples canceling and postponing their weddings due to COVID-19 has hit the wedding industry as a whole very hard, but stories like today’s give us hope.

Isabelle from My Little Colorado Wedding is among those that have felt called to make a difference for these couples affected. So as she brainstormed what she could do to help these couples out, she decided why not do it all?!  She is giving away a micro wedding in Colorado. Yup, you heard that right, a free micro wedding. So if you live in Colorado and have had your wedding plans canceled or changed due to COVID-19 than this is for you! Today, we are sharing some images from one of her recent shoots, and the details of how to enter will follow, so scroll on!!

Isabelle Kline the founder of My Little Colorado Wedding shares more about why she started this company,

“My Little Colorado was created by listening to our current client’s needs that were unfolding as the Pandemic affected the wedding industry landscape. Many of our personal clients at Isabelle Kline Design had a hard time thinking about the unthinkable which was having to postpone their wedding this year. Couples worked so hard planning, designing, and dreaming for well over a year in many cases. To have to wait yet another year and having their life plans put on hold was out of the question.  Couples knew they wanted to get married no matter what even if they were to renew vows next year and celebrate in a big way with all their family and friends.  My Little Colorado Wedding was born.  We wanted to provide a luxurious, memorable, well thought out and detailed wedding ceremony to captivate the most beautiful moments as the couple intimately say their “I do’s”.  The couple can consider sharing their gorgeous and dreamy pictures of their “I do’s” at their receptions next year when they are able to renew vows, gather, hug and dance with loved ones without any issues or stigmas.   

Despite all that 2020 has thrown at us we also believe in the intimate small, tiny, micro, or whatever you would like to describe your “little” wedding as one of the most intimate ways to getting married. Even after the Pandemic, we believe this is the new way to wed for many.  It is innovative, uncomplicated, and even environmentally friendly.  We have put together affordable, no-nonsense packages with some of the best-talented vendors which include exclusive private estates showcasing the beauty that only Colorado has to offer.  We not only wanted to be a solution for our couples but also our vendor partners. We will be donating a percentage of our profits to Colorado Event Alliance.  It is a primary resource for all event professionals in Colorado who have suffered hardship and are in need of support. We have been in the business for almost 20 years and understand we are in it together and feel it is a full circle that we wanted to provide a small solution for.”


Ready to learn more about how this Colorado wedding planner is giving away a free wedding? Yup, we thought so. Here are the details.

Was 2020 supposed to be your year to get married no matter what, but took a turn due to Covid-19?  Do you have a story you are willing to share?  We are giving one lucky couple in need of a free Micro wedding, the new way to wed. Our incredible team of talented vendors and amazing private location will make it so special as you say “I do” with just a few, made for you.  Please submit your story and our panel of vendors will choose one lucky couple to grant a beautiful, memorable curated “My Little Colorado Wedding”!  Please email us at  Entries must be received by May 25, 2020, 12pm MST.

Must be following @mylittlecoloradwedding to enter. Tag a friend on their post sharing the giveaway for extra entries! Entries must be received by May 25, 2020, 12pm MST.”

Good luck!!?

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