8 Things To Do After Your Wedding

The wedding planning process can be a whirlwind, and when the day finally comes, it’s over before you can even blink! It can be stressful to think about the necessary things to do after your wedding, so we teamed up with a few of our favorite industry experts to put together a timeline for the days, weeks, and months after your big day! Read on for the things do check off your list after the big day is done and you’re home from the honeymoon.

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The days after –

Relax and take a vacation: Take time to enjoy your new status as a married couple! Owner of Feathered Arrow Events, Kari Dirksen, says, “My biggest tip for when after the wedding is over is to take some time to relax! Even if the bride and groom are not going on a big honeymoon, I always suggest to take a mini vacation somewhere for the weekend or a couple of days. Even if it’s only a couple hours away or a staycation at a hotel where you can just relax and have some time to celebrate being married and be alone to relish in the joy of your wedding day. Plus, it’s nice to celebrate the fact that you have no more wedding planning details to do!”

The team at HoneyFitz Events agrees, “You are married! Take a deep breath and enjoy the post-wedding glow as well as your first moments as husband & wife. If you are taking a honeymoon immediately after, make sure your bags are packed and you are ready to relax. If not, try to slow down and just enjoy the few days after wedding.” Valarie Falvey of Kirkbrides recommends leaving the country altogether! “A monumentally emotional day such as your wedding requires some down time to decompress afterward. We love when couples take a day to rest and relax right after and then pack up and fly away to somewhere tropical (preferably somewhere without cell service) for a week-long honeymoon the next day. The feeling of vacationing as true newlyweds can never be duplicated!”

Take care of your dress: Bridal designer Emily Kotarski urges, “Right after your wedding is over, do not forget about your dress! During the exit for one of our custom brides last year, it started to rain and her dress got wet. Once she changed in her hotel room, she didn’t have the garment bag, so instead put her gown in a plastic bag before taking it to the cleaners. 2 weeks later when our bride finally made it to the cleaners, the gown was damp and moldy. Luckily, the cleaners were about to get all the mold out and the dress was cleaned and preserved as best as possible. After your wedding, put the dress bag in a breathable garment bag, hang it and take it to the cleaners to be cleaned and preserved right away! After all, you never know if any children or grandchildren will ask to see it (or maybe even wear it) someday!”

The weeks after –

Send thank you notes: It’s not outdated, it’s just polite! Kristy Rice of hand-painted stationery company Momental Designs says, “It may sound old-fashioned, but sending out thank you notes is an absolute must after your wedding! Take some time to hand-write a personal note to all of your guests, it will not go unappreciated. Choosing stationery that coordinates with your wedding invitations and day-of stationery is a great way to tie up the whole event. Thank you notes should be mailed within six months of the wedding, but ideally as soon as possible. If you have recently moved, it’s also great way to give your friends and family your new address. Happy writing!”

Danielle Aspromatis of d’Luxe Events makes a great point, too – “Your first duty when the wedding is over and you are back from your honeymoon is to thank all of your generous guests for your gifts and for being with you on such a special celebratory day…get started on your thank you’s right away and check that off your list ASAP!”

Review your wedding vendors: Another great way to show your appreciation for everyone that helped your wedding day run smoothly is to review your wedding vendors online. Krisy Thomas from Southern Sparkle Weddings advises, “Your wedding vendors worked hard on your wedding day and the months leading up to the big day. Show your gratitude by leaving a heartfelt review. Not only will it make them feel good about the job they did, but it will also help build their business with future clients. There’s no one better to help another couple, than someone who has walked in their shoes.” Susan Dunne from Weddings by Susan Dunne agrees: “Take time to relax, grab a cup of tea, and start to review all of your vendors who worked so hard to make your special day a success!”

Get some swag: We love the idea of matching jackets or new luggage monogrammed with your new initials! Jaime Kostechko from Wild Heart Events suggests cute Mr. and Mrs. matching jackets from a company like Lot, Stock, and Barrel! She says, “It’s time to show off your new spouse! Our clients had custom jean jackets made complete with Est. 2017 on the bottom hem!”

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The months after –

Save up for your dream vacation: If you weren’t able to go on an extravagant honeymoon immediately after your wedding, spend the months after saving up for the tropical vacay of your dreams! Nora Sheils of Bridal Bliss points out another great benefit, too: “To avoid the post-event depression that sets in for many, I suggest pushing back your honeymoon! Plan a mini-moon or staycation for the days after the event and then save up and go big on the vacation of your dreams. It will give you something to look forward to and work on once real life sets in.” Your “honeymoon” can also be a great way to celebrate your first anniversary together! Kim Thomas from Kimberlee Brooke Photography suggests to “Spend time saving money for 6 months to a year and use your honeymoon as a reward and celebration of your first anniversary!”

Try something new together: Sheils also recommends picking up a new hobby or planning a project together to help transition from fiances to spouses! “A few ideas are to re-decorate your house together, landscape the yard, start volunteering with a non-profit, or take cooking classes!”

Relish in the details: Once you get images and videos back from your vendors, Plan a viewing party when you receive your video, submit the event for publication and make sure to get some of your favorite photos framed for family and your own home!” says Sheils.

We hope these tips help any post-wedding stress and let you enjoy newlywed bliss!

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