Neutral Plantation Wedding in Charleston

You know those really elegant Southern weddings that exude timelessness and charm? Well, this neutral plantation wedding in Charleston is just that. We love the pale grey & cream color palette and the dramatic lakeside venue – reminiscent of scenes from The Notebook! We know you will fall for it too…

Photographer Mekina Saylor Weddings tells us a little bit more about Lizzy and Brandon’s story. When Brandon first saw Lizzy from across the pool in their apartment complex he was immediately drawn to her. She has a smile that lights up a room and it lit up his life that day. They were just neighbors but Brandon decided he had to figure out how to ask her out. I guess there was a mutual attraction because their first date ended up being some serious chill time at that pool.

When I asked them where their official first date was, neither of them could remember. They just had fond memories at the pool and they thought shortly after they went out in downtown Charlotte for dinner. It was almost automatic, the attraction, the friendship, their families…. everything just seemed to fit and make sense. Five years later and these two laid back love birds tied the knot in Charleston!

Their wedding was a dream come true! Like, literally, a dream unfolding before you, it was stunning! From their intimate first look where they exchanged letters, to their walk down the aisle surrounded by their beautiful friends and family. It seemed as though everywhere you turned guests where dabbing the tears that began to fall down their cheeks. Tears of joy, excitement and most of all love for the new Mr. & Mrs. During their ceremony you could hear the wind whistle softly through the trees around them at Lowndes Grove Plantation. From those whistling trees, to the plantation itself surrounded by the sound, it was absolutely flawless.

Brandon + Lizzy where married in a beautiful place, but it takes half a second to recognize how beautiful they are! They are just as amazing on the inside as they are on the outside. I’m sure their large wedding parties can attest to that! But just in case, now is your chance to see it all here.


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