Rustic Outdoor Aspen, Colorado Elopement

I just found out that one of my dear colleagues, Anna Richardson from Lucia Paul Designs, is now a married woman! Over Labor Day weekend she eloped in beautiful Colorado with just their family and friends. Something I seriously considered while in the midst of wedding planning! I’m so incredibly excited and happy for her : ) As a wedding planner, we wanted to hear from her on why she chose to have a Colorado elopement, and all the details of the big day!

Why did we, in particular a wedding planner, elope??  Mainly because we both have crazy schedules and what seems to never be enough time to plan our own life’s events.  Plus after compiling a guest list between our two families and all of our friends, (while we truly love them all) the looming number of 400+ people was not looking attractive to either of us.  So we made the decision for just the two of us to tie the knot at our family vacation home in Woody Creek, Colorado (right outside of Aspen) on the beautiful Roaring Fork River over Labor Day Weekend.  David is an avid Fly Fisherman…and I have totally taken the bait (no pun intended) and have become a fan of the sport myself.  We just couldn’t have imagined any better place than Aspen for our wedding day.

We truly wanted the day to be personal and intimate.  We asked our good friend Lex, who lives in Aspen with his family and grew up with David in Chattanooga, TN, if he would marry us.  After a few convincing phone conversations, he graciously agreed and did an amazing job.  It was the perfect ceremony.  David and I wrote our own vows and just spoke from the heart about how we both felt for each other.  You could really feel the love.  After the ceremony and all the beautiful pictures and video that were taken, David and I slipped away, just the two of us, to a romantic dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Aspen, Cache Cache.  Our good friend, Co-owner and Executive Chef, Chris Lanter, treated us to the most delectable, customized seven course menu paired with some of the finest wines.  Our mouths are still watering!

Other than just the two us, it was just our friend Lex, who officiated, his wife and two beautiful children, our amazing photographers and good friends, Ryan Joseph and his wife Elena, and our fabulous cinematographers there with us to capture this very special day in our lives.  Photography and Cinematography were extremely important to us so that we could have the day documented so we could later share with our families since they weren’t there with us.  We are so overjoyed with how the photos and highlight film of our wedding day turned out.  These will be very special keepsakes that we will always have to remember how truly special that day was.  It was by far the best day of our lives and one that we are so happy we took the time to enjoy with one another.


Anna & David// Tying the Albright Knot from V E L A R E on Vimeo.


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  1. Oh my gorgeous!!!!!! Anna, you have always been so special and this day was specially made for you!! You are a breathtaking bride!!! Love and miss you!!!
    Kerry & Larry

  2. Anna, you truly captured the essence of a private and personal wedding and the location was just breathtakingly gorgeous! Congratulations! David…you’re a lucky man to have love such a wonderful person!

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