8 Questions to Ask Your Hair & Makeup Team Before the Wedding

There’s nothing better than nailing down your complete bridal look! You’ve said yes to the dress (and all of the post-ceremony looks), picked your shoes, and for the finishing touch? Your hair and makeup, of course! Since we can’t all make our ultimate debut at the Met Gala, consider the aisle to be your red carpet and it is imperative your wedding look is to the nine’s! Before the wedding, you want to make sure to let your beauty crew know exactly what you’re looking for. With that being said, we’ve asked the best in the wedding biz what the 8 most important questions are to ask your beauty team before the wedding so that you look like the ultimate queen on your wedding day!

8 Questions to Ask Your Hair & Makeup Team Before the Wedding - Inspired by This

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Is this their full-time job? 

With today’s social media, everyone is an expert and anyone with an Instagram page can present themselves as a hair and makeup artist. A professional vs a hobbyist can make all the difference on the day of with logistical issues. Go with a pro who has the experience to make the right call for last minute decisions.  – April Foster, April Foster Bridal 

Ask if they book more than one bride per day.  

With the ebb and flow of weddings, you need an artist that will be flexible with any changes you may have. Aunt Lucy wants to suddenly get her makeup done? No problem. Ceremony is being pushed back 30 minutes? Got it. An Artist who stacks multiple Brides on Saturdays may not be flexible with your needs, or at worse may cancel your services altogether. – April Foster, April Foster Bridal 

8 Questions to Ask Your Hair & Makeup Team Before the Wedding - Inspired by This

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Can we do a trial round? 

We always recommend our clients do a hair and makeup trial prior to booking to make sure the look seems fitting to the look they are wanting and overall style. A lot of our clients want to look like themselves on their wedding day but also want to look flawless from the beginning of the day to the end. We recommend scheduling their engagement session the day of their hair and makeup trial so they can see how it photographs, plus it is always nice to get dolled up. – Erika Bellitt, Wild Heart Events 

8 Questions to Ask Your Hair & Makeup Team Before the Wedding - Inspired by This

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How much time do they need per person per service? 

That way your wedding planner can help put together a smooth timeline for hair and makeup to be done in time for getting dressed and photos starting! – Kari Dirksen, CEO + Lead Planner, Feathered Arrow Events 


What is the overtime rate for both the hair and makeup stylists to stay until the end of the ceremony? 

If you are known to get emotional, extending the hours for your makeup artist to touch-up your look after the ceremony will be super beneficial. Also, weather is incredibly unpredictable and if you plan on taking photos outdoors, wind and other elements could affect your hairstyle. Having your hair stylist on-site to make sure you look perfect before and after walking down the aisle will be a decision you won’t regret.  – Daulton Van Kuren, Owner & Principal Planner/Designer, The Refined Host 

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What products do you use, and are you able to use products that I recommend? 

If the bride has a preference for “clean” makeup, she can ask if the artists use brands that are considered clean by industry standards. Most artists have a mix of products based on performance and sensitivity to all-natural ingredients, but most are open to using some of the bride’s own products if requested. – Tanya Bures, Page Beauty Owner and Lead Makeup Artist, Page Beauty 

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What hairstyles will look best with my bridal look? 

Bring your hairpiece with you as well as a photo of your dress and veil. They will be able to guide you to something you may not have even thought of! – Rachel Red Photography 

To tan, or not to tan? 

Ask your makeup artist about self-tanner during your makeup trial. A lot of times that combined with professional makeup can create a sheen in photos that is not flattering! – Rachel Red Photography 


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