10 Creative & Affordable Wedding Gifts

As a lot of us know, weddings can be expensive – even just as a guest! From shower gifts to wedding presents to travel, costs add up easily. We want to help make attending a wedding a bit more manageable (and fun!) so we rounded up 10 creative and affordable wedding gifts. These are the things the bride & groom really want, and that you can get at a fair price!

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1. Future wine: Buy a bottle of wine that will taste better in 10 years and tell the couple to wait and drink it on a special occasion (like their 10th anniversary).

Affordable Wedding Presents

2. Map of the Night Sky

Give the couple one of the coolest ways to remember their wedding by – a custom night sky star map that they can hang in their home! It depicts, you guessed it, the night sky and its stars and constellations at the date and place you choose. You can also choose the specific font, phrase, and colors to match their style.

3. Cooking class for two

Teach the newlyweds to cook by gifting them a cooking class! We love the various options offered at Sur La Table and Williams Sonoma, where you can choose anything from cultural cuisine to decadent desserts.

4. A Helping Hand

Did you know you can hire someone to help with unpacking wedding presents or writing Thank You notes? Hire a helper for the newlyweds through TaskRabbit so they aren’t overwhelmed with post-wedding tasks when they return from the honeymoon.

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5. Food Subscription Box

Once they know how to cook (see above), you can send them all the ingredients! Let them try out new recipes with a subscription box like Sunbasket or Blue Apron. This will totally ease the transition into domesticity. 

6. Popcorn maker

You know those gifts that keep on giving? A popcorn maker totally falls into that category. For a couple who loves their movie nights and this salty treat, it’s the perfect gift. Plus it falls under $40. Win, win.

7. Cheese board

For the couple who loves to entertain, you can’t go wrong with a cheese board. As another under $40 option, this present is easy on your wallet and perfect for the newlyweds. Plus, this one’s marble!

Affordable Wedding Presents

8. A Welcome Mat

Welcome them home, quite literally, with a cute doormat to place outside their front door. Because every newlywed home needs a welcome mat.

10 Creative & Affordable Wedding Presents - Inspired by This

9. A Digital Frame

We have grown to love digital frames because we never have to remember to swap out the photos! The newlyweds will love an Aura frame even more because it’s polished and pretty and will look good no matter where they place or hang it. Plus, they can sync it up with a gallery of their wedding photos so memories of their day are always on display.

10. Mr & Mrs Ring Dish Set

Wether their traveling or getting their hands dirty, the new Mr. & Mrs. will need a spot to set their rings. And doesn’t that bling deserve a pretty place? We love this Mr. & Mrs. ring dish set and love that it’s under $20 too.


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