5 ways to prepare for post-pandemic travel

Who would have thought we would miss the daunting TSA lines, uncomfortable airline accommodations, and chaos that is the airport?! If this COVID-19 pandemic is making your head spin and leaving you praying for the day you will (gladly) endure an overcrowded airport again, then you are not alone. Even though post-pandemic travel seems like a far off idea right now, we would like to push you to take the steps now to prepare. Trust us, you will be thanking us when you are back in the office swamped with the day to day tasks you once dreaded. So read on to hear our tips on 5 ways to prepare for post-pandemic travel!

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01. Get a suitcase that will keep you connected

When you are on the go, there is literally nothing worse than a dead phone. Oh, wait. Yes, there is!! A dead phone in an airport about to hop on a plane. SIGH. But, not to worry. We are here again ready to save the day with our absolute favorite carryon suitcase from Genius Pack that happens to have a charging port. SCORE!

02. Start crafting your bucket list now

Why wait until the travel ban is lifted to start picking places you want to visit? Honey, Google is your new best friend and we are sure we are not the first to say it but you can find anything you need on it. Including narrowing down your bucket list to your top places and starting a plan of when you are going to make it happen.

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03. Get your passport and visa details in order

Even though most visa offices are closed that does not mean you cannot get your paperwork in order. Do the research of what documents you would need to travel wherever you are planning on heading and get them filled out and ready to go. One less thing to worry about when the world returns to “normal”.

04. Know how to get the best flight deals

Ever wonder how influencers get to go to so many cool places? The secret to the madness is knowing how to book cheap flights. We love to use the app Hopper, it alerts you when prices are the cheapest or the most expensive so no more waiting around guessing if you found a good deal. Another way we look for cheap flights in on google flights in an incognito browser. This shows you almost all flights on google, so you know you are getting a wide range of options.

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05. Create city itineraries for your top 5 destinations

Remember when we mentioned google? Yeah, it’s your time to shine with your googling skills again. There is no reason you can’t completely plan out your trip now and save yourself the headache of doing it in a busier season. So, pour a glass of wine sit down with your travel buddy and start daydreaming about the future. We need more positive things to look forward to in this time, make traveling again one of them! And, if you have not figured out where you want to travel to yet, then let us help you. We have put together 5 places to travel to that are not on your bucket list already, and we are sure you will find somewhere on this list that you will fall in love with for your post-pandemic travel.

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