Tips to Help You Prepare for International Travel

With summer fast approaching we are gearing up for a few big vacations, and hope you are as well! With travel, especially when heading out of the country, there always seem to be a million things to remember before you go. To help you prepare for international travel, we put together these helpful tips!

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Check Your passport expiration date

Nothing is worse than figuring out you have an expired passport days before your trip… yes, it happens! Double check your documents to ensure everything won’t expire before you leave or return!

Know the Airline’s baggage policies

Can you take a carry-on free of charge? More importantly, can you fit everything you need in a carry-on?! If the answer is yes and yes, great! But be aware, most airlines charge for your first bag and sometimes even your carry-on luggage.

Exchange Money

We know you can pay almost anywhere with credit cards these days but when traveling internationally, you really never know what the payment options will be everywhere. You’re very first cab ride from the airport or an unexpected toll road could require cash and if you don’t have the right currency, you may be out of luck.

Be prepared for Weather

This could mean toting around an umbrella, rain jacket, sunblock, or a heavy coat (yes, even in the summertime). Even if the forecast looks easy, breezy, beautiful, you never know when it could turn – towards rain especially.

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Set up your phone

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need an international phone plan. Check with your hotel, air bnb, or other accommodations to see if they have wifi. If you can contain your phone use to areas with wifi, you will be set. However, if you know you won’t have easy access to the internet or will need more time away from it on your phone, it would be wise to add an international plan to your package so you aren’t hit with big fees.

Call the bank

Be sure to call the bank and let them know where will you be and using your card so you don’t accidentally get cut off. Also, check your credit card terms to see which ones charge international fees and which ones do not. This could save you big bucks down the line.

Haul a small medicine cabinet

Airplane colds are all to real. But, more than that, you never know how a new environment may mess with your system. Be prepared for allergies, stomach bugs, and the common cold at least.

Bring Snacks

Again, you never know what kinds of food will be available (or how expensive it may be) where you are traveling. International fare won’t necessarily agree with everyone, let alone airplane food, so bring along packets of nuts, protein bars, or other healthy snacks.


What are you’re best tips for traveling? 


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  1. Great tips! Writing these all down and will put them to good use these next couple of months 😉

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